What is your CC "Eureka" moment?

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Celeste Stewart
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What is your CC "Eureka" moment?

Post by Celeste Stewart »

Thought this would be fun to ask: what is your CC "Eureka" moment? That is, what made you realize that CC had real potential?

Mine was Curious George. I had been writing and selling articles here for several months and doing okay. Making enough money to clear the threshold at first, then enough to splurge on a few goodies. I knew a good thing when I saw it. But it took a curious little monkey to convince me that I had finally found a freelance site that worked for me.

I had taken my 5-year-old daughter to see the movie, Curious George. It cost me something like seven bucks for movie tickets. We both adored the movie. When we got home, I decided to write up a short review. This took me about five minutes to write as I was fresh, having just seen the show. The review was short and sweet (less than 200 words) and I charged $20. It sold within minutes of approval!

I made $13 dollars in five minutes - not bad. Plus, it paid for my date with my daughter and a few bucks more. Better yet. I realized that I could write about pretty much anything that I did and get paid for it. And the rest is history. :)

That was my "Eureka" moment. Anyone else want to share?
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Post by mgwhitemti »

When I first started freelancing, I wrote a chunk of articles for a so-called client who never paid for them... which resulted in a lesson learned very quickly about taking projects that just didn't "feel right". After having a temper tantrum for a few weeks, I decided to submit them to CC (after verifying they hadn't been published). The moment the first one sold, I made more money that I would have gotten if the shady "client" had actually paid for the whole batch. Several others sold very quickly, which helped me realize how great of an opportunity CC really is.

Celeste Stewart
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Post by Celeste Stewart »

How cool is that?! Neener-neener to that shady client, huh?
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Post by Lauren »

I was convinced from the first day. I answered a public request that was right up my alley, and though about 13 other people answered it too, my article was chosen. From the time I logged on to the site to the time the article sold was less than 12 hours. I couldn't believe it.

Now I just need to apply myself to write when there aren't any public requests I'm interested in. :)
Cyndy Hardy
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Post by Cyndy Hardy »

I was looking for an alternative to some other sites I've written for -- something professional. I stumbled on CC and liked the no-bidding aspect. I got hooked through the forums and especially by Ed's approach to editing.

I'm in the company of some great writers here. I learn something everyday just reading the forums. The support from peers and staff is invaluable, regardless what we think our own strengths and weaknesses are.

'm still having a tough time breaking out of the hard-news thing into , which makes my efforts here seem weak. But, I'm still hooked because I think there are some here who know I'm a talented writer and who are patient enough to nudge me along.

Thanks for this topic, Celeste. I know you weren't looking for compliments, but I have to say you've been a great inspiration. (Ya'll don't see the drafts I scrap while I'm working on the 'new' voice.) ;)
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Post by JD »

Not exactly a Eureka moment, but every time I wear my North Face down-filled parka (which is quite often nowadays out here in the snowy depths of western Canada), it feels good knowing that this lovely (and quite expensive) coat was bought with the money I made selling my "writing" at CC! Somehow keeps me warmer, I reckon :D
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Post by dsletten »

I knew Constant-Content was the right place to be within days of submitting my first article. I had been searching the web for a place to write and sell articles for actual money - not pennies - and came upon CC. I downloaded a few articles and sold six the first month. One article sold the moment it hit the site and I immediately received a private request for a similar article since they didn't grab it up fast enough. I made more money that first month selling six articles than I had made writing over 20 for one website I wrote for. I'm thrilled I found CC and am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful community of talented writers. :D
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Post by constant-content »

I love this thread... sticky

Post by jak »

I just earned £20 from writing an article that features CC for another on-line writing community. I had been dying to tell people about it in that forum but waited to see if my submission for payment was accepted. It was published today and I've already had lots of comments and people interested. Hopefully I'll soon be making introductions from which I can also earn.

And I've recently bumped up my production a bit and sold some articles here and look forward to the privilege of joining the author list before too long.
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Post by grouchy »

[Constant - why do you say "sticky"?]

So there I was stumbling around looking for someplace to write that wasn't so SEO-intensive, grieving the passing of the art of real communication. I stopped for a while at another site and tried my hand at it, and I liked the writing part of it, but my page views moved at a very old snail's pace compared to articles about proper personal lubrication (sorry, it's true) and an insightful analysis from someone's mommy about why a tinted frozen whipped cream product makes for better fingerpainting than colored mayonnaise. So I knew it wasn't for me, square that I am, and then I saw a comment about CC and, though skeptical, decided to try it. My Eureka! moment came when I studied Ed's postings on the forums and on his/her blogs and decided that they really must care about writing quality! I was amazed and joyful. I'll be forever loyal. :D

p.s. Thanks for the opportunity, Celeste.
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Post by constant-content »

[quote="grouchy"][Constant - why do you say "sticky"?]

Sorry... it what you call it when you make a thread stick so its always at the top.
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Right From the Start

Post by Julie »

I don't even remember how I came across CC. After stumbling across it, spending an evening browsing the old forum posts, learning the rules, I tried my hand at a public request. Boom, sold it!

I had been looking for a place that made it easy for me to sell writing, without having to do all the marketing myself, that would also pass as a "legit" way to sell my stuff. (In other words, I don't mind telling people that I write at CC, know what I mean?) I found it here. Friendly community, kind, hardworking editor, and the chance to make money when I have time to apply myself. Golden!!

Great topic, Celeste =)

**This would make a good spot to direct newbies and those considering becoming a part of CC.
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Post by CRDonovan »

A couple of things sold me on this site.

I love to write, and enjoy research, but hate, HATE, marketing my work. (So, naturally this has been a bit of an obstacle in my progress...) Writing a synopsis, or a letter to an agent? TORTURE.

I live very rurally, and with the way things are going, I've been looking for various ways to employ myself from my house. I was browsing the net, checking a site I wrote for years ago and just stumbled upon this place.

I liked the feel of it right away, but happened to be trying to negotiate my way around during one of those days when everything was running so slooowly... and I thought, site has potential, but jeez, so slow!

But I submitted a couple things anyway. I was impressed with: the mechanics of the place, how well thought out it is, the general helpfulness and comraderie of the forum, the support and accessiblity of Ed, how quickly work could be snapped up, the rush of public requests in my inbox... Wow!

And no gas, no commute, no pantyhose! Terrific site, great community. Thanks all.
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Post by beconrad »

My eureka moment is quite similar to the one noted by mgwhitemti. I had written a batch of articles for a client I "thought" had agreed to buy them. Only when the articles were finished and ready to submit did I find out that the "client" had gone with a different (cheaper) writer.

Lucky for me I had just discovered CC, and I quickly uploaded a couple of the articles. Just like mgwhitemti I got more money for those couple of articles than I would have received for the entire batch from the deadbeat client.

I quickly saw the potential here and submitted the rest of the articles from the batch - some sold right away, others sold in a couple of months and I believe a couple from that original batch are still hanging around here on CC.

Like some others here, I love to write but have little interest or expertise in the marketing side of things. The way this site works suits me perfectly, and I look forward to writing and selling more articles here in the future.

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Post by REason »

After scrutinizing and lurking in the background for over a year I decided to give it a whirl. At the time I was just getting over 2 bad employment experiences in the beginning of the dot com bust and was suspicious of all start-ups. I scoped out the site (this was back in the beginning of CC), kept an eye out for any kind of press (good and bad) for over a year; decided that it was a good business model and made the choice to sign up. I wished that I had signed up sooner.

I kid you not, I really did do this! That was my Eureka moment. It wasn't necessarily the moment I sold an article, it was the actual act of signing up. My first sale was just a tiny flake in the gold pan but I had already staked my claim. I knew there were more flakes and nuggets to come and with hard work there is a mother load waiting to be tapped.
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