Questions about Requested Content

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Questions about Requested Content

Postby nicole22biba on Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:34 am


I am quite new over here, and I wish to know if any of you can help me find out more details regarding writing for requests. This is one of the instructions I've found over here: "Need 'tips and tricks' and tutorials on the follow topics for my website - PCUnleashed. Please check the site to ensure you are not covering the same topic. You can cover different angles of the topic but for example not word for word the title. More Tips and Tricks. Please include screen caps when needed. Number of Documents: 50...."
I understand that the client needs 50 articles about PCUnleashed, right? Anyways, he/she mentions that I should check the site to ensure that I am not covering the same topic. Is he referring to CC site or another site? If he is talking about another site, where can I find it? There is no URL provided. Should I send the client a message, asking him about the site?
Additionally, I would like to know how the process of writing for requests works here. Is it true that more writers write articles and the client chooses the ones he/she prefers? What happens with the "rejected" articles? Are writers allowed to post them here, at CC?
I really appreciate any information you can provide.
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Re: Questions about Requested Content

Postby jak on Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:18 am

I googled PCUnleashed and found the site easily. Looks like there could be quite a lot to trawl through though. Good luck.
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Re: Questions about Requested Content

Postby KinsleyRoyale on Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:04 pm

They mean the PC Unleashed site.

Yes, the risk you take writing for a public request is they may not buy it. If they don't, your article is put into the general pool. You could raise the price if you felt like it at that point. For instance, say someone only wanted to pay $20. If it's put into the general pool, you could up it to $30 or more depending on the quality. So it's not all a loss. Someone else may be interested.

I stopped writing for those requests when I found they weren't edited fast enough or not purchased. Sometimes if they are specific like for PC Unleashed, you may have to go back and remove brand names or ideas you'd written specifically for them that wouldn't apply to the general public.
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