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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by thepaintguru »

If that happens, Jtillman, you can take the article off of CC and submit it to Triond. You might be able to make a bit of money from that, although admittedly it would be much less than the article would sell for here.

I've come to realize that as far as I know, CC pays the most for your writing. It's more than AC, Helium, Triond, and all those review sites.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Silvercode »

I saw someone mention their 2 cents worth.

Lets see, at 6-9 cents per word that comes out to.. about 2 characters? :D
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Lyndsey »

When you are using the $0.06-0.09 per word as a go-by, are you including the CC 35% or should that be added to the figures or aproximately $0.08-$0.12?

Thanks for a great article.

It helps.

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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by KinsleyRoyale »

the article this post began with suggested to get lots of sales price full rights articles 15-30. Then it said to charge 6 - 9 cents.

If I write a 700 word article, times 6 cents is $42 9 cents is $63.

So this is a total contrdiction.

I usually spend a lot of time researching, writing and editing and am really only making about $7 an hour if I charge 15. That really isn't worth my time, which is why I say no when someone makes me a low offer on something I took 3-4 hrs on.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Celeste Stewart »

There are too many variables - price articles at ___ per article or price per word at ___ per word are two different concepts. A 300-word article at 6 cents per word is $18. A 1000-word article at 6 cents per word is $60. I've sold plenty of 300-word articles for far more than $18 and plenty for less. I've sold plenty of 1000 word articles for well over those figures and some at less. It depends on the complexity of the topic and other factors. I don't think CC is trying to contradict itself at all. Rather, it's saying to consider your worth when you price your articles and offer a variety of articles at different price points that are fair for you as well as for the customer. Hard, I know. Pricing is confusing to start with. But if you pay attention to the market, know how much time you're spending per article, and what the per word rate is for comparable articles is, you'll be on the right track.

700-word articles do sell for over $63 here. They also sell for less than $10 bucks a pop. There's so much more going on than a simple formula can ever tell you - how popular is the topic, how much research went into it, how much potential work might the client eventually give you, how hungry are you right now, how many other places has this same article (usage) been listed elsewhere, how concise and informative is it (or conversely - is it filled with "fluff"?). . . the list goes on. That said, if you know that articles on the site typically go for $30 each or 6-9 cents per word, at least you'll know that charging $8 for a complete full rights article or 2 cents per word would be undercutting yourself. You can then take a second look at what your article is worth and hopefully get a fairer price for your time.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by sabanmaklayin »

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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by artic1 »

Hello everybody, I am a new writer here with a couple of questions. I have been wondering about what topics would be the most saleable on this site. Two areas that I am thinking of writing about are travel related and historical pieces about my area (British Columbia).

So far I have written five articles and sold one (it was travel related).

Would any of you offer murmurs of encouragement- or a shouted warning? Does anyone have some experience with these areas? If murmurs are in order, do you think longer or shorter articles would be better?

Thanks to all for the useful information in this forum.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Celeste Stewart »

Hi and welcome. Travel is a good topic and I have seen quite a few Vancouver-specific requests in recent months. CC is based in Vancouver as well, so it makes sense that it attracts some local clients :) Plus, writing what you love and know is always a good strategy. As far as length, I suggest shooting for about 400-600 words with 500 words being average. This range is good for websites and newsletters. Have fun writing!
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Judith »

I think the article is excellent even though I disagree with one aspect when it comes to me. I prefer to sell full use only. While I have only been on CC for three months, I have been a writer for many years. I am OLDER than the hills! :) I don't like to see my work on more than one site so full use is perfect for me. Because I write for magazines and co-author books for clients, I prefer to not have my name published with the articles I write for CC. I have only had time to write 29 articles so far but my sale rate is over 50% at full use. So for me it works.

In addition to considering your time when pricing an article, also consider your experience and education. If you have a degree in computer science you are going to write articles that surpass the less techie articles written by an internet user. In my opinion, the more complex the articles, the more they are worth. Also, here's a little hint about research learned from my years in journalism. NEVER research ONE article! If you do research for an article on "Building a Green Home." Make sure your research includes enough information to write articles on green kitchens, green laundry rooms, green landscaping, etc. If you are spending two or three hours researching a topic you should have enough material for several articles. That makes that research "expense" a lot less per article.

Anyway that is my $30.60 worth. (At 12 cents a word up to the $) *smile* Feel free to send donations lol
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by carpenjoyce »

I don't want to sound like an expert because I'm new to this site, but I think I've figured out a couple of other ways to sell more articles and make more money. For what they're worth, here they are:

1) If you can take something complicated and make it really clear and simple, the buyers will beat a path to your door. I sold an article for $150 that way, and it contained less than 1,000 words.

2) If you write on something simpler, give it a unique slant. Most garden site editors have probably seen about a million articles on the 10 best plants for shade, but if you write an article on the 10 best black-flowered plants, that might make them sit up and take notice.

3) Turn off the darned offer button, at least for the first 6 months. When you see someone selling an article for $7-8.00, it's usually because they were so excited by a sale that they caved in on the price. If they'd waited a while they might have gotten 3 or 4 times more.

I hope these ideas are helpful to everyone. This site is the only decent place for writers to earn real money. It's also just about the only place where buyers can find quality quickly, so it's a win for everyone.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by Antonia »

Hear, hear!
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by DavidFarrell »

The statistics given, does that mean an average of $20 per accept/$30 per license after CC takes it's cut, or $20/$30 split 65-35?
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by wacbcb »

Valuable information, you need to seriously study the.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by ebookwriting »

I like your suggestion, I’ve been fascinated by article marketing since last year when I first started to learn ways to let other people know about my blog. Like most people I use my blog as a central focus for other online activities, yet when you’re starting out it’s hard to figure out how to let people know you’re there.
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Re: How to Sell More Articles

Post by PeterWriting »

The trick would be to write about a current event (one that will be remembered) regarding the larger picture of what that event or statement made might mean for the future. This bigger picture idea would mean that the article would still be relevant down the line. People still talk about turning point events that happened a few years back if they have some current relevance.
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