Is there a delay in reviewing articles?

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Is there a delay in reviewing articles?

Post by silviaclare »

I sent an article 6 days ago and haven't heard anything back. This was for a request and the man who requested it has asked to read it. I haven't written anything for a while now but my past experience is that articles are reviewed very quickly. The article is in my account listed as 'review' so I know it sent okay. Can anyone help please? (I have tried to contact CC but no response.) Thanks.
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Re: Is there a delay in reviewing articles?

Post by Lysis »

Review times vary. Sometimes, I have to wait 10 days. I've even waited 2 weeks. Some days I get reviewed within 24 hours. It really depends on how busy they are with requests.

Are you sure you tagged it with the request? 6 days is a long time for a private request. The customer should contact CC, because he will get a faster response than you will. I suspect you didn't tag it as a request and it's set for the open marketplace.
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Re: Is there a delay in reviewing articles?

Post by evaku »

I noticed a bit of a delay over the weekend. Usually my private request submissions get looked at overnight, but a few that I had submitted on Friday evening didn't get approved till early Monday morning, which was odd. 6 days is a pretty long time for a request submission! I would say get your client to contact CC or, if no one hears anything and it doesn't get looked at soon, maybe resubmit? And, like Lysis said, make sure you submitted to the request! Once in a while I accidentally skip that step!
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Re: Is there a delay in reviewing articles?

Post by Abbamay »

Oh no! :( Usually my private requests are accepted within hours or overnight. I agree - check if it is submitted to the request, not just as a general catalogue article. You can send a message to CC (the individual editors' emails work but the CC contact form doesn't seem to go through.). Let the client know you're trying too! I hope it is sorted out soon.
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