Bugs with "Search" on new website

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Bugs with "Search" on new website

Post by PaulMaplesden »

Hi there, just wanted to make you aware of some bugs on the new site.

Advanced search has some bugs in it, specifically:

- It defaults to "Full rights" only, meaning that unless searchers know to search for usage rights, usage articles won't show in search; even then...
- Once a license type is selected, it is impossible to unselect it, meaning it is currently impossible to search for usage rights in advanced search
- Advanced search defaults to prices between $25-$100 and word count between 500 and a thousand; since many searchers won't adjust these parameters, articles outside these limits won't get found and purchased

- Make advanced search default to searching for all license types
- Allow license types to be unselected (perhaps as a tick box, rather than a radio button)
- Remove the defaults (So advanced search shows all prices and word counts, unless the searcher limits them)

Hope this helps.
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