The Option to Decline a Request

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Word Gypsy
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The Option to Decline a Request

Post by Word Gypsy »

It would be nice to have the option to clean up our requests with the option to "Decline" the ones that we don't want. All requests - public, casting calls, private, and writer pool. Thanks in advance!~
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Re: The Option to Decline a Request

Post by Lysis »

So I ran into this issue. Customer posted article requests and I realize his price is way too low. I can't remember if this is as low as what he asked for last year, but he's got to come up in price. Problem is that I'd want maybe double what he's offering, so I'm thinking it might have to go to another writer.

I don't really want to get into price discussions when I'm pretty sure "double" is out of the question. Haven't checked, but maybe a price/word rate on our profiles? Maybe it's already there and I didn't see it.
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Re: The Option to Decline a Request

Post by tayalltheway »

Minimum price per word is not in our profiles, but I think it should be.
Celeste Stewart
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Re: The Option to Decline a Request

Post by Celeste Stewart »

I would love the ability to decline, or maybe just hide, requests. Kind of like how we can remove completed requests, it would be nice to remove those requests we have no interest in seeing every day.
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