Writer Guidelines Printable Book (and a small request)

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Writer Guidelines Printable Book (and a small request)

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What would be extraordinarily helpful to writers here is an all inclusive guidelines book which we can print out. The Writer Guidelines Book should include a page or two of general checklist items of things found within the book, for writers to reference when editing their article.

I'd go as far as say that I would buy this book for $5, if I could.

That being said, I'd like to leave a little pretty please request to admins of the site, to refresh the writers guidelines extended guidelines, if you would please. I spent two days this week trying to print off each of the links found within to make my own book and found several of the links were missing, broken, or referenced websites or pages with duplicate domains or URLS. Not only will 404 errors mess with your Google juice, they are frustrating to use writers who take off a couple of weeks in the beginning of each year to review the guidelines.

We, the writers, would love to have a printable book that holds both us writers and the editors to a cohesive standard of editing. It would be very helpful to keep us all on the same page when it comes to writing standards here. At the very least, it would be helpful for all the links of reference in the Extended Guidelines, to work and lead writers to the right pages for editing reference.

PRETTY PLEASE! and thank You So Very much. :mrgreen:

edited for typos.. : :oops: :
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