Help with retrieving saved drafts

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Help with retrieving saved drafts

Post by gypsumgirl »

How do I retrieve a supposedly saved draft on the submission page? I just spent 3 hours writing an article. Clicked on "save draft." Then, went away from my computer for a short while. Yes, I navigated away from CC. Now I want to continue work and cannot retrieve my draft. Did I just waste 3 hours for nothing and have to start over? One would think that "save draft" means it can be retrieved again before submission. Please help!
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Re: Help with retrieving saved drafts

Post by Lysis »

The problem with typing directly into the form is that your session expires eventually. So, when the session expires (session, meaning after you login and the amount of time you are idle before the system logs you out), you can't do anything under your login.

For most text you enter, you can hit the back button and grab the text. I don't know if it will work on the submission text box though. Chrome is really good at preserving text entered. When I worked at DMS, a lot of people had Lazerus (sp?). The program saves the text you enter on a screen.
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Re: Help with retrieving saved drafts

Post by bhuff85 »

You should be able to see your saved draft in your "My Content" section.

In the future, I would definitely recommend writing in a word processing program and then copy/pasting your submission into the text. Make sure you also save your work frequently as you're writing. That way, these types of problems can be prevented. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way a few years ago.
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