Editors' Busy-ness Meter

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Editors' Busy-ness Meter

Post by LauraD »

Would it be helpful to anyone else to know just how busy the editors are at a given time?

For example, today is a holiday in the U.S., but Saturday was a day off and one of my articles was still approved on Saturday, to my surprise. I'd find it helpful to know just how many editors are working at a given moment and how high their workload was because I want to be sure that I don't simply inundate them with work--I want my work to be carefully and fairly edited so that it will sell to a happy customer who many become a repeat customer. A simple stoplight (red, yellow, or green) or thermometer icon showing the pile-up of work and a number box or thermometer showing the number of editors editing submissions at a particular moment would really help me decide when is the best time to submit an article. I'd be extra-motivated to submit work if the editors have more time to spend on it and aren't stressed. Plus, I'd hate to be in their shoes after a long weekend of boatloads of submissions, too. :shock:

I just think that we can help everyone have a better experience, especially customers, if we can help level the workload for the editors and turn out better-quality articles as a result. Any other thoughts?
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Re: Editors' Busy-ness Meter

Post by Abbamay »

Interesting thought! But I wouldn't worry about it. :) I think the editors know how to manage their workload and we can't change that. So we can submit anything at any time and they will edit it when it suits them. It's been working fine for me.
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Re: Editors' Busy-ness Meter

Post by Lysis »

I get approvals late at night too. I always figured maybe it was some editor who was bored. lol
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