Multiple Categories for Content?

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Multiple Categories for Content?

Post by LauraD »

Some of my content fits equally well under several different categories.

Is there any chance that this additional option would be available in the future? :?:

I just want to be sure that buyers find my work... And some don't use the keyword search method but the browse method, I'm sure.

Also, it would allow more borderline content to have a dual home in two categories (or more? maybe not) so you could get a more accurate feel for inventory in various areas without having to do keyword searches to find the borderline topics that were placed randomly into one category over another when they were submitted.

Thanks for your consideration of this idea! :D

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Re: Multiple Categories for Content?

Post by PhilippaWrites »

I agree. Many articles straddle more than one format. Building this into the CC system would be a real help, at times!
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Re: Multiple Categories for Content?

Post by LauraGinn »

I third this. I have a lot of articles which could fit into two categories - I'm often stuck trying to decide which category to choose for the best.
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