Table Style "My Content" Suggestion

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Table Style "My Content" Suggestion

Post by akaJohnPhoenix »

Hey guys! I have recently become active on this site and have already sold a couple articles! I am excited to keep up with this company and continue writing.

I have noticed something in the user interface that, if changed, world make writers' lives much easier.

In the "my content" tab, we are allowed to view and edit each article we have submitted. I think that there should be a table like format containing Usage, Unique, and Full Rights prices as well as whether or not "best offer" and "discount package" are checked. Currently, we must click on "edit' or "view" buttons of each article individually to check what we set the prices to be. I understand that keeping an Excel spreadsheet of everything would be good to alleviate this issue, but I also think this simple format change could make managing many articles much easier for writers.

Thank You!
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Re: Table Style "My Content" Suggestion

Post by tayalltheway »

I just noticed this post, but would absolutely like to second this request!

It would be so nice to be able to see what we currently have each article priced at without having to click into each one. I have an Excel spreadsheet like you suggested, but it gets so arduous to go in and update it every time I submit an article or change a price...
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Re: Table Style "My Content" Suggestion

Post by Sakmeht »

I'm on board! Good idea. :)
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Re: Table Style "My Content" Suggestion

Post by JDWhang »

I've been experimenting with my pricing a lot, and this would be a great help.
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