Permanent suspensions

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Permanent suspensions

Post by Isabelnewth »

I was just thinking, there have recently been a lot of posts from people who are shocked at suddenly being permanently suspended for a sloppy article, after initially having a few acceptances. So these don't seem to be people who just are not able to write an acceptable article. I imagine that they are probably unsure what standards are going to be applied to their work.

Given there is evidently not enough time for a detailed critique to be given in these cases, would it not be fairer at least to give a final warning before permanently suspending someone?
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Re: Permanent suspensions

Post by Tster »

Thumbs up.
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Re: Permanent suspensions

Post by billharbin2 »

It does not matter here. I had 5 articles accepted here and 3 taken without question, then on my 6th article they permanently suspended me.
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