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Site Renovation Suggestion

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Hi -- I am new to this site but not new to the communications field. I'm writing to express my experience with the Recently Sold Content menu item. When I clicked on it, I anticipated that the three subcategories -- articles, categories, search topics -- would provide details on recent sales. Categories, instead, displays inventory for sale rather than sold inventory, which caused me to sit back in my seat. I would like to humbly suggest:

1. Articles -- Can this page have a link to a deeper page that allows one to gather data for a specific time period? It's excellent to provide current day sales but difficult to create strategic sales plans from one day of data. I'm finding myself exploring ways to capture the data in a program to provide the long-term analysis that I believe would be beneficial to most of us.

2. Categories -- Can this page display sold items by category for a set period of time? It would be wonderful to also have a form field to enter a start and end date for filtering of displayed data.

3. Search terms -- Search terms (topics?) is an excellent resource. But again, I'd greatly benefit from a display of search terms over a greater period of time. I'd benefit even more if the output could be controlled by the user, who would insert start-end dates in a form.

Is this information available elsewhere and I have overlooked it? If so, please don't hesitate to be squeaky! Thank you in advance.
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