Option for creating a sample portfolio?

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Option for creating a sample portfolio?

Post by WritingNerdy »

I would love the option of having a portfolio of my work available for clients to read. I think it could be instrumental for selling content, as it allows clients to read complete samples of your work when deciding whether or not to purchase an article. My desire for a portfolio option was realized when contacting a client regarding his or her work inquiry listed in the "requested content" section. I would love to be able to refer a potential client to a collection of my work, ya know?

I know that some of you with reply with the response that our article excerpts serve the same purpose, but seeing a portion of a writer's work is different than reading the finished piece; at least, that's my opinion.

I'm sure there is a reason behind CC's decision not to include a portfolio option in our profiles, but their motivations aren't apparent to me at the moment. Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

Thanks!! XD

(I apologize if this issue has been previously addressed.)
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Re: Option for creating a sample portfolio?

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You're able to include as much of an article as you want in your long summaries, so clients will be able to get a sense for your writing if you include enough text. Part of writing for Constant Content is building a catalog of articles that clients can browse and buy, so we really encourage writers to put a solid effort into that. Once you have enough articles up on the site you'll find clients have no trouble seeing the quality of your writing.

The added benefit to this system is that it actually makes you more discoverable on the site, as the more you write for the catalog the more likely you are to show up in Writer Search results.
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