Account Deactivated, and Support is not helping.

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Account Deactivated, and Support is not helping.

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I was an author with hundreds of sales and over $10k in earnings in CC. Yet, the editors deactivated my account over minor errors and oversights in some of my last articles. Nobody can correct every tiny mistake in their articles. Sometimes we miss them even after multiple edits and reviews. Editors are there to fix small errors. But deactivating an account for this reason is quite unacceptable in my opinion.

We authors do multiple edits before we submit articles, but still we may miss some. Why do you think newspapers have multiple levels of editors? It's to ensure that they are printing without mistakes. The author does his own edits, but cannot be sure that all errors are taken care of. The next level editor comes with a fresh perspective and he might be able to find tiny errors the author might have missed. The editor should fix those errors and have the chief editor look it over. That's how normal system works.

In CC, on the other hand, author has to do the entire editing. He has to review the article again and again and ensure it's perfect. If he misses a run-on sentence (and that's the only issue in his entire article), the article is rejected. And the reason for rejection is also not given properly. The only remark the author gets is a vague comment from the editor. The time taken to put that vague comment is enough for the editor to put a comma/semicolon and correct that sentence and then approve the article.

The system here is completely wrong. If the editor's job is to reject, we should call them "rejectors" not editors.

I tried getting in touch with the support to get my account activated, but they aren't doing it. If you are a writer with some repute here, please know that they can still suspend you for silly reasons. Completely dissatisfied.
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