A 400-word Minimum?

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A 400-word Minimum?

Postby Pellucidean on Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:27 am

I just received a rejection for not reaching a "400-word lower limit." First of all, there is no mention anywhere on the website that a 400-word minimum exists. Secondly, I had an article of under 400 words literally accepted all of two days ago... :roll: I don't mind dealing with a 400-word minimum, but it has to be applied consistently. CC needs to tell their editors to either apply this supposed rule, or to stop applying it because it shouldn't be a rule.

As it is, I will go ahead and revise this particular article, but will not be trying to avoid writing articles under 400 words in the future. It's silly that I will be playing editor roulette and hoping I don't get an editor who believe this rule exists.
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