Is Coronavirus content allowed or not?

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Is Coronavirus content allowed or not?

Postby PeterContent on Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:39 pm

Hello. Yesterday my article "How to Safely Shop for Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic" was deleted by the reviewing editor. The justification given in the notification message was:

==== Editorial Information for Your Article: ====

Hello. Thank you for submitting your article to Constant Content. We cannot consider articles that discuss recent news/headlines. The content must be evergreen. Please try to write articles in a general point of view but avoid generalizations. Have a nice day.

So, if that's the case, why am I seeing Coronavirus-related content among the recent sales? Here are some recently-sold articles dealing with Coronavirus:

Three Facts You Need to Know About Coronavirus fullrights $100.00 > Health & Lifestyles > Medical 03/22/2020
What Are the Differences Between the Coronavirus, Flu, and Common Cold? fullrights $60.00 > Health & Lifestyles 03/20/2020
Coronavirus: Should You Be Wearing a Face Mask? fullrights $30.00 > Health & Lifestyles > Medical 03/20/2020
5 Best Tips to Help Stay Productive Working from Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic fullrights $60.00 > Business > Business Dev. 03/20/2020
What is Social Distancing? How to Protect Yourself and the People You Love fullrights $100.00 > Health & Lifestyles 03/20/2020

Please clarify because I want to write articles on this subject. Thanks.
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