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As the Real Estate Business Guide writer for About.com, Jim has written hundreds of articles and even more blog posts for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. These articles focus on real estate as a business, marketing, management and technology. Other real estate writing topics:

>residential real estate investing
>commercial real estate investing
>real estate marketing
>online real estate marketing
>WordPress for real estate

As an independent freelance writer, he has written multiple eBooks, books, articles and other business content related to Internet marketing. He is also a WordPress consultant in the use of WordPress as a business website. Technology topics Jim has written about include:

>affiliate marketing
>websites and blogs
>online sales lead generation
>internet marketing income resources
>social media marketing
>WordPress as a business site
>email and drip marketing
>Web forms and lead generation

Jim has ghostwritten multiple books for real estate and stock market professionals, including articles about investing in stocks, bonds, options, and commodities. He has also written two books of his own, one for consumers with homebuying tips and another for real estate professionals with advice on starting and building a successful real estate business.

Writing is delivered on time and as ordered, with repeat clients the bulk of Jim's writing business.

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3 Steps to a Lavish Retirement with Rental Investing

The article walks a novice through steps to start investing in real estate and to build a portfolio over time. Using creative purchasing, such as buying a duplex, are explained. They are then walked through using equity built up over time to add to their portfolio. The 1031 Exchange is explained in the context of growing their portfolio value. | Read More →

Words: 782   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

Sous Vide for Every Kitchen

The article explains sous vide cooking and why it is becoming popular. The reader learns the basics of sous vide, the steps to cook with the method, and the reasons the results are so consistently delicious. The equipment needed to get started is also explained. | Read More →

Words: 853   Downloads: 0   Category: Cooking   By: James Kimmons

Real Estate Investing in Turbulent Times

The article is for someone considering real estate investing in rental homes, but they may have concerns about market conditions at the time. It is for novices, touches on the basic concepts of rental home investment, and then goes into detail about due diligence to assure success. The extra care items like neighborhood turnover and others are each outlined. | Read More →

Words: 545   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

Work Camping for a Gold Retirement on a Silver Budget

The article explains work camping for those who choose to live full time in their RV. The benefits to the RV travelers and the parks where they stay are explained in detail. The concept is explained in the context of being able to afford a retirement or travel lifestyle even if their budget is a bit short. Getting free space rent, utilities, and other benefits for doing tasks around the park is explained. | Read More →

Words: 553   Downloads: 0   Category: Lifestyles   By: James Kimmons

5 Downsizing Tips When Moving to Fulltime RV Living

The article if for anyone considering converting to a fulltime RV lifestyle. Baby boomers are doing this daily by the hundreds. They learn in this article about just how small their storage is in even the largest RVs. The tips will help them to transition from much larger homes. They learn how to maximize use of the space they will have. | Read More →

Words: 757   Downloads: 0   Category: Lifestyles   By: James Kimmons

Real Estate Wholesaling for the Trading Addicted

This article is a detailed explanation of real estate wholesaling. It uses an example deal with the wholesaler locating a property and flipping it to an investor buyer. It explains the process step-by-step. It also explains two methods of financing the deals; they are transaction lenders or assignment contracts. | Read More →

Words: 1120   Downloads: 0   Category: Real Estate   By: James Kimmons

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