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8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Eating

The foods that you stock your pantry with can reduce inflammation in your body. These healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes, and oils will also greatly benefit your health and enable you to maintain a healthy weight. These are the top anti-inflammatory foods that you should be eating.

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5 Heart-Healthy Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Your diet plays a big role in preventing cardiovascular disease. In fact, there are a number of superfoods that can naturally lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as help reduce your risk for heart attacks and strokes. This article is about five heart-healthy superfoods you should be eating.

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Manna Rusks with Olive Oil

This is a product description for the Manna brand rusks with olive oil from In this article you'll find details about recipes which can be used with these rusks, as well as the health benefits. You'll gain an appreciation for Greek and Mediterranean food, and learn ways to follow the Mediterranean diet.

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Do Dogs Need Probiotics?

Do dogs need probiotics? Ever-increasing research indicates our canine friends could benefit from more gut-friendly bacteria or a probiotic supplement. Find out more.

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6 Benefits of Eating Bananas

Eating a healthy diet is vital to maintaining good health and well-being. You can add bananas to your daily or weekly diet to benefit your health. This article shares six ways that eating bananas can improve your health.

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Nine Reasons to Eat Less Meat  

Are you considering consuming less meat in your diet? Do you want to eat more vegan or vegetarian food products? This article provides the reader with nine sensible reasons to replace meat with nutritionally-dense plant-based products.

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