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Capturing Magic: "Gypsy Woman" by Tim Buckley

What makes musical improvisation special? How is it different in folk music, and how did Tim Buckley capture its energy time and time again throughout his musical career? Tim Buckley was an American singer-songwriter who pushed musical boundaries with his genre-bending fusion of folk, psychedelic rock, and jazz. He heavily incorporated improvisation in a unique, jam-sesh way that left a timeless mark on 20th century American music. Looking at Buckley's song "Gypsy Woman" through the lens of the theory behind improvisation reveals where this beautiful inconsistency stems from, and how Buckley is effectively free in his performances and musical production.

Words: 759   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Meredith Johnson

Beginning Harpists: Choosing Your Harp

Learning to play the harp is something that many people dream of, but a challenge only a few actually take on. For those determined few, a lack of available information regarding harps can make it daunting to know where to begin. The purpose of this article is to teach future harpists about the different kinds of harps available, and the associated pros and cons for each.

Words: 1175   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: marnyb

Music for Springtime: Ten Great Songs Released in March

This article highlights ten great songs released in March, forming a March playlist or 'album' that readers can discover and listen to. It will suit music blogs and websites, or anyone who's passionate about making playlists. Some background and mini-reviews of each song included.

Words: 1888   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Montague Knight

How to Write Better Lyrics

This article gives an extensive look into lyric-writing strategies. It doesn't favor any type of lyric-writing or genre, and instead gives popular examples of lyrics from songs of all different styles to illustrate their pros. The musician and their vision are at center, and this article serves as a guide to express that vision more clearly, not altering it in any way. Lyrics are the window to the artist's soul (besides the music's emotion, of course), and this article just aims to make that window as clean and clear as possible.

Words: 1549   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Jack Shearer

Why Learning an Instrument Makes You More Well-Rounded

This article gives a list of skills that you can develop if you learn an instrument. It's geared toward anyone who isn't learning an instrument yet, whether they're interested in learning it or not convinced at all about the importance of the arts. It talks about how it can improve your coordination, how an instrument is a great cost-per-use investment if used and maintained for life, it improves memory and more.

Words: 1473   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Jack Shearer

Review – ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas

ZZ Top is one of rock 'n roll's most recognizable acts. Over the course of five decades, they've delivered a host of classic songs including "Cheap Sunglasses", "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Legs". Now, director Sam Dunn has gifted the world his documentary on the band. This review takes a quick look at the picture's content, style, and ultimate worth.

Words: 733   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Andy Kaufmann

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