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What to Consider When Buying a Guitar Amp

If you play electric guitar, you are going to need an amp to go alongside it. There is so much choice out there, and so many different models, that it can seem almost impossible to get the one you want. This 700-word article looks at the five most important considerations when purchasing a guitar amp: combo or separate units, solid-state or tube, speaker size, unit construction, and additional features.

Words: 707   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Dr Andrew Lakin

4 Free Websites for Learning the Bass

With the vast amount of content available on the internet, finding great resources for learning bass can be a challenge. However, there are instructional resources that are well worth the time of the learner. This article provides information about four free websites that can greatly improve a bassist's learning experience.

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Benjamin R.

Best Reasons to Learn the Electric Bass

Both experienced musicians and beginners can choose to learn a wide variety of musical instruments. One of the most beneficial instruments to learn is the electric bass. In this article, reasons for choosing to learn the electric bass are discussed in detail.

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Benjamin R.

Best Songs to Learn on Bass for Beginners

Beginner bassists often have difficulty deciding which songs they should learn first. There are many options, and it is not always easy to discern the best songs for a beginner's skill level. In this article, several options are discussed in detail.

Words: 620   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Benjamin R.

Tips for Having an Amazing Concert Experience

Getting to hear a favorite band or singer live is an unforgettable experience. Listening to recorded music doesn’t compare to hearing the music in person amid a huge crowd of fans. Preparing in advance before your next concert ensures it will be the best experience possible.

Words: 1045   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: RoseClearfield

Thinking of Learning a Musical Instrument - But Afraid to Do So?

An article written to encourage adult beginners to take up a musical instrument, at any age. It goes through the various excuses people make for why they "can't" learn and typical answers. Ideal for music teachers or schools, or even community colleges.

Words: 641   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Jennifer R. Povey

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