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6 Ways to Thrive While Stuck at Home

Many people find staying at home is boring. However, the key is to make the best use of your time and keep up your spirits. For those who don't know what to do to kill time, we come up with the most meaningful activities to keep yourself active during this tough period of time.

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Epidemic Vs. Pandemic – How Likely Are You to Survive Covid-19?

This article looks at the COVID outbreak and distinguishes between the terms pandemic and epidemic. In addition, tips for avoiding contracting COVID-10 as well as other diseases are included. Lastly, this article puts the health risks of COVID-19 in context with other prominent health risks today.

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Paul Volcker: the Definition of Integrity

This is a short tribute to the life and accomplishments of Paul Volcker, both as the head of the Federal Reserve and his work after leaving public office. It touches briefly on his education and relationship to President Obama. The article also includes a description of his important work stopping inflation in the seventies and removing politics from the financial market.

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Facial Recognition Software Shows Bias in Identifying People of Color

New facial recognition software has selected biases that causes it to be significantly less effective in identifying people of color than those of Caucasian ethnicity. This quality means that the accuracy of the software is questionable, and its use in the criminal justice system can lead to mis-identification of people of color.

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When the Water Recedes: How to Clean Up Safely after a Flood

The health risks posed by floods don't disappear when the waters recede. In fact, they may get worse. Your chances of exposure to harmful toxins and hazardous pathogens certainly increase. Here are some tips to help anyone impacted by recent flooding to protect their health during the cleanup process.

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Facing Up to the Threat to the Power Grid

The electrical power grid could be taken down at any time, either by a solar storm or by a nuclear EMP device exploded in space. Until recently, little has been done to address the problem of the weakness of the grid to such an attack. However, Project Spartacus has been started to bring together government, the military, and business to develop and implement a solution..

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