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Lessons Learned during the Lockdown

Living through the pandemic has been trying, but it has also taught us some things. Three important lessons became clear during the lockdown, and they should be applied post-pandemic. First, we need to wash our heads to keep ourselves healthy and not to infect others. Second, we should be prepared for emergencies by stocking up on essentials. Finally, we should set up an emergency fund to provide a financial cushion.

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The Decade Reboot: the New 20s

This article provides an optimistic outlook on the potential aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It considers likely changes related to travel and public gatherings, and how we can effectively respond to these changes. In addition, this article looks at how travelers can enjoy domestic and international travel and major international festivals once the lockdown is lifted.

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Ten Things to Do During A Pandemic

As COVID-19 has now turned into a full-fledged pandemic, people are spending more time homebound with family, friends, or even alone. For some, this is time they never had and they're taking full advantage of it. Others are not faring so well. Boredom is setting in fast and folks need an out so to speak. Here are ten suggestions to help pass the time.

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5 Impacts of Covid-19 on Modern Society

This article discusses how the coronavirus has impacted society. Specifically, this article details supply chain disruptions, cancellation of important events, and changes in consumer behavior. In addition, this article details efforts to transition toward cashless payment options.

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5 Survival Tips for Going Out During Quarantine

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine measures have gone into effect across the country. Just heading out to the store can be a daunting prospect. Follow these simple precautions before braving the lockdown.

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Making Use of Your Time in Quarantine

This article contains suggestions on productive activities readers can do with the free time caused by quarantine/isolation. These things can be done at home, either for free or very inexpensively. These are activities for self improvement.

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