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Why is Hemp Controversial?

This article explores the controversy surrounding the use of hemp. It differentiates hemp and marijuana, and discusses the many potential benefits of hemp. In addition, this article provides a brief history of how hemp became illegal to grow.

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How Fires Affect Our Health

California has seen a dramatic spike in wildfires in 2020. Always a dry state, the effects of climate change have exacerbated California’s woods propensity to catch fire and helped smoke reach farther than it ever did before. So, how can people protect themselves from this deadly menace? The following article details how wildfire smoke affects our health and how people can protect themselves for its effects.

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Wildfire Safety and Lung Health

The West Coast is currently experiencing and unprecedented wildfire disaster. California, Oregon and Washington are being ravaged by fires that are causing injury and death as well as immeasurable property damage. although the immediate dangers of wildfires is obvious, the impact these fires have on lung health can be just as life-threatening although less visible. The following is a press release urging California residents to take precautions, during this disaster, to keep their lungs healthy.

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Alyssa's Law

This is an article about a new law that protects children. Information is given about the law. Also, there is a reference to a company that helps comply with this particular law.

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5 Ways to Safely Grocery Shop During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers must meet their household needs while protecting themselves from infected people and surfaces. In some areas, at-risk people who have self-isolated are now feeling safe enough to go grocery shopping, but they may wonder how to shop for food without putting themselves at risk. This easy-to-read article lists five ways customers can protect themselves from airborne coronavirus droplets, contaminated surfaces, and unsafe people in the grocery store.

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself During the Pandemic

Asking "Why?" during the pandemic is not helpful. But asking and answering three important question while on lock down is. Consider how you are feeling, whether you should be eating what is before you, and what you said you would do if you ever got the time. Then act on those answers.

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