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5 Ways Hobbies Can Improve Your Life

With Americans working more than ever, hobbies are a major source of stress relief. Hobbies create time for intellectual, physical, and social stimulation. Just as a hobby can be a gateway to further learning, the most productive hobbies elevate the thinking process. Learning about other hobbies from friends or books is an excellent cognitive exercise. The more you learn, the more open you will become to new ideas and how they impact your life.

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National Crafting Month - Crafting for Health and Happiness

Crafting has been proven to improve our health, both physically and mentally. Plus, it's a great way to have fun and create something beautiful! Celebrate National Crafting Month this March by trying a new craft, or honing your skills in a hobby you've enjoyed for years.

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Three Reasons to Get Crafting During National Crafting Month

It is National Crafting Month! There are lots of benefits to crafting, so if you need an excuse to get crafting during National Crafting Month, here are three reasons to start crafting today! 1) Crafting can be an effective way to manage stress 2) crafting can provide a way for parents and children to bond 3) crafting can be a way to earn income. 

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Celebrating National Crafting Month - Create Happiness with a Cool Project

A short brief and upbeat blog post on the topic of National Craft Month. A list of suggested categories for crafting is included. The post covers the benefits of crafting for relieving stress and creating happiness - not to mention - the practical benefit of creating something useful or unique - for oneself or as a gift.

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It’s National Crafting Month, So Take Time to Make the Roses

This post encourages each person to get in touch with his or her creative side during National Crafting Month. The article gives examples of current crafting trends and how to find out more information about each. The article also presents the idea for artistic people to try something new this month.

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National Crafting Month: Discover the Joys and Benefits of Crafting

National Crafting Month encourages us to develop our creativity, imagination and skills by trying new crafting mediums and rediscovering our love for old hobbies. Crafting has a myriad of mental, physical and social benefits, including the relief of anxiety, depression, and pain. It encourages community, accomplishment and purpose, but most of all, it’s great fun!

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