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Taylor Roberts is a freelance writer currently living in Colorado. He holds a bachelor's degree in music and theatre from New York University. A jack of many trades, he has had experience in customer service, sales, and marketing for both small and large businesses. Taylor has been doing freelance writing full-time for several years. During that time, he has written articles and web content for both major corporations and startups, as well as a variety of specialty blogs and websites.

With his entertainment background, Taylor loves writing about movies, television, music, and the performing arts. He is also an avid traveler and enjoys writing about the places he has visited (and wants to visit) around the world. One of his specialty niches is theme parks, and he can be considered an expert on Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Other favorite topics include pets, technology, social media, and lifestyle.

Taylor has worked with a number of private clients through Constant Content and is always happy to learn about new subjects to fulfill your requests.

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Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

The 2012 musical comedy film Pitch Perfect may be one of the best coming-of-age movies made so far this century. This review looks at the performances by the stellar ensemble cast, the most memorable songs, and several other highlights. It also gives a brief, spoiler-free synopsis of the movie and teases the upcoming sequel. | Read More →

Words: 572   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: Taylor Roberts

6 Ways You Can Keep Your Pet Allergies Under Control

While all allergies are inconvenient, being allergic to your pets makes it difficult to enjoy their companionship. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to try to control your pet allergies that don't involve rehoming your furry friends. This article looks at six ways you can manage pet allergies and reduce your symptoms. | Read More →

Words: 652   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Taylor Roberts

8 Reasons Why You Should Adopt an Older Cat

While kittens are cute and fun to play with, there are several advantages to adopting an adult cat when looking to expand your family. This article gives you eight reasons why you should consider getting an older cat. From personality quirks to ease of training to the cost of care, you'll discover why an adult cat may be the right choice for you. | Read More →

Words: 703   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Taylor Roberts

Can Canceling Your Credit Cards Really Hurt Your Credit Score?

Credit cards and their impact on your credit score can be very confusing for many consumers. Unfortunately, not understanding how your credit rating is calculated can often cause you to make costly mistakes. This article discusses how closing a credit card account can actually hurt your overall credit score, especially if you make a rash decision. It also explains how your credit utilization ratio and your credit history length affect your credit rating. | Read More →

Words: 748   Downloads: 1   Category: Personal Finance   By: Taylor Roberts

Common Mistakes Made by New Cat Owners

Though cats are among the easiest animals to care for, there are still plenty of mistakes that new pet owners tend to make. This article looks at several things you shouldn't do when you adopt a new cat. From failing to get Fluffy spayed or neutered to overfeeding to letting your kitty wander outside, it lays out six important pitfalls to avoid. | Read More →

Words: 667   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Taylor Roberts

6 Reasons Why Couples Should Live Together Before Marriage

It may be a hot-button issue among your family or friends, but it's important to decide with your partner whether you want to try living together before you get married. This article gives six reasons why cohabitating before marriage is a good idea. From getting to know each other better to saving money and more, it will help you decide if you want to take this next step. | Read More →

Words: 777   Downloads: 0   Category: Dating   By: Taylor Roberts

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