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Kristen Sharp is a freelance writer, graphic designer, website designer/copywriter and advertising agency owner in Arizona. She has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism/Advertising with an emphasis in copywriting and has been writing professionally for over 10 years. She has a strong background working and writing in the areas of entertainment, automotive, real estate, and outdoor recreation.

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Lynas Moves Forward Responsibly in Rare Earths Mining and Processing

Rare earth elements are essential to our current lifestyle and necessary for future advancements both technologically and environmentally. This 358-word article looks at just a few of our necessities that rely on rare earth elements mining and refinement for their existence and how Lynas Corporation is getting ready to add another source to the market.

Words: 358   Downloads: 0   Category: Science   By: Kristen Sharp

It Is Carnival All Year Long at Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World

Blaine Kern´s Mardi Gras World in New Orleans has helped change and define the look of Mardi Gras for almost 70 years through their stunningly artistic and high tech parade floats. This 1054-word article gives an overview of the Mardi Gras parade culture and the impact Mardi Gras World has had on the culture and economy of New Orleans through its float building empire and tourist driven museum.

Words: 1054   Downloads: 0   Category: Arts & Culture   By: Kristen Sharp

Volo Culture and the Environment

Volo Scooters are a great addition to your busy life. Volo Electric Scooters are environmentally friendly and great for urban lifestyles. This 580-word blog entry details the social responsibility Volo Scooters and their owners have to making the world cleaner and greener.

Words: 580   Downloads: 0   Category: Blog Entries   By: Kristen Sharp

Protect Yourself - Sun Safety App Makes It Easy

The threat of skin cancer and other medical issues from overexposure to the sun´s damaging UV rays is very real and very preventable. A new smartphone app from the EPA is now available to monitor UV radiation and a great tool to add to your sun damage prevention kit. This article takes a look at this sun safety app and the dangers of UV radiation.

Words: 349   Downloads: 0   Category: Mobile Phones   By: Kristen Sharp

Serendipity: Chance or Fate?

For centuries people have questioned the role fate plays in determining with whom they will fall in love. Do we decide our own romantic destiny or is it all a happy accident? This 813-word article reviews the 2001 movie, Serendipity, and its theme of chance versus fate in the quest for a soul mate.

Words: 813   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: Kristen Sharp

Must-See Movies of Summer 2012: Superheroes, Sequels, Servicemen, Vampires, Aliens and a Redheaded Heroine

When summer hits, so do the blockbuster movies from Hollywood. Escaping into the cool recesses of a movie theater to escape the summer heat can be great entertainment if you know what to see. This 827-word article looks at the must-see movies of summer 2012.

Words: 827   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: Kristen Sharp

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