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Jack has experience in writing list-style pieces, long and short opinion or personal pieces, and other types of article formats as well. Though they mainly focused on writing about activism, they also write about LGBTQ+ issues, language, and music in their free time.

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Consistency is Key: Why It's Better to Do Less More Often

This article explains the benefits of consistency when approaching new activities. Instead of burning out after working on something for large, sporadic periods of time, consistent, small amounts of time have better results. The article shows this through hypothetical examples such as language study. | Read More →

Words: 557   Downloads: 0   Category: Self Improvement   By: Jack Shearer

Save Snail Mail: Why You Should Still Write Letters

This article details some of the reasons why snail mail is underrated and should be used more. It shows how letters and physical gifts sent by mail can brighten up the days of loved ones and/or older people who might not have access to technology that would keep them in contact otherwise. Letters are a more personal and customizable format than texting, and this makes them much more special. Finally, the article details what the postal system does for other people and how sending letters contributes to its success. | Read More →

Words: 882   Downloads: 0   Category: Crafts   By: Jack Shearer

Why Inclusivity is Good Business and Not Just a Trend

This article gives a brief overview of why inclusivity is not just a trend and should not be treated as such when creating a business and/or marketing plan. Inclusivity and diversity are extremely important characteristics when creating and considering a brand's image, and should be carried through in all business practices, including hiring marginalized people. When you have more inclusivity, you gain more perspectives that can give insight into how to reach more target markets and create positive social change through your company. | Read More →

Words: 694   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Jack Shearer

What Not to Put in Your Skincare Routine

Many articles give advice on what to put into a skincare routine, but some of the products listed have components that shouldn't be in skincare. This article provides the reader with a list of things they should avoid when looking into starting or amending their skincare routine. Along with telling the reader what not to purchase, it gives alternatives that are healthier and better for the skin. | Read More →

Words: 939   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: Jack Shearer

Ways to Avoid Negative Thoughts When Recovering from Depression

This article provides awareness for little traps that might come up when recovering from and/or dealing with depression that have the potential to send people into downward spirals. It encourages the reader to seek out and work on the connections they already have instead of focusing on social media, to stay out of bed, to stay disciplined, and to practice self-forgiveness. Social media can speed up one's descent into feeling worthless when likes quantify relationships with others, and blocking themselves off from others or staying in bed can make them feel sadder as well. This article aims to give readers the self-introspection to analyze their own thought patterns and actions and change them mindfully. | Read More →

Words: 1388   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Jack Shearer

How to Write Better Lyrics

This article gives an extensive look into lyric-writing strategies. It doesn't favor any type of lyric-writing or genre, and instead gives popular examples of lyrics from songs of all different styles to illustrate their pros. The musician and their vision are at center, and this article serves as a guide to express that vision more clearly, not altering it in any way. Lyrics are the window to the artist's soul (besides the music's emotion, of course), and this article just aims to make that window as clean and clear as possible. | Read More →

Words: 1549   Downloads: 0   Category: Music   By: Jack Shearer

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