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Philip has over 20 years' experience of business management, including recruitment, training and development, performance coaching, and career mentoring.

This experience offers Philip a wealth of opportunities to share valuable business insight, which can help improve the SEO of your blog or website.

Philip is from the UK but currently works and lives in Australia. Contact the writer here if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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Small Business Owners: 5 Ways to Avoid Falling Foul of Employment Law

Employment law is a daunting prospect, particularly when you own a business with a limited budget. Changes in legislation often take place, but if you aren’t in touch with the right information, your business could quickly run into problems. This article identifies five cost-effective sources of information that can help you keep your business on the right side of employment law. | Read More →

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Management   By: Business Sense

5 Ways Digital Sleuths Immediately Spot Scam Emails

Millions of fraudulent emails arrive every month, and when consumers fall for the scammers’ tricks, it can cause a lot of problems. Identity theft is increasingly common, and while banks try to protect customers, they cannot prevent malicious emails from hitting your inbox. This consumer article highlights the most common signs that an email is malicious. | Read More →

Words: 590   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Business Sense

Get Ripped, Not Ripped Off: Making the Most of Your Gym Membership

When you decide to join a gym, it’s often difficult to work out what sort of membership you need. Although the industry is very competitive, gyms don’t want to make it easy for you to save money, so it’s important for would-be gym goers to make sure they are getting the very best deal. This article outlines a number of ways for gym members to get the best value from their club membership. | Read More →

Words: 586   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Business Sense

Developing Customer Relationships: Why Welcome Calls Fail

Customer welcome calls are common practise for many businesses, but a lot of companies fail to see any benefit from talking to people in this way. Welcome calls are often the first activity to stop in the event of a crisis, but failure normally arises because businesses simply don’t know how to manage the process properly. This article outlines five common mistakes businesses make, and explains why welcome calls don’t work. | Read More →

Words: 520   Downloads: 0   Category: Management   By: Business Sense

Delighting Your Customers: The Benefits of Making Welcome Calls

It’s vital that you show new customers that you want to develop a good relationship with them, and a prompt welcome call is a great way to do this. Some businesses don’t really understand how important these contacts are, but there are big benefits to welcoming your newest clients. This article outlines the key reasons why your business should consider investing in welcome calls. | Read More →

Words: 555   Downloads: 0   Category: Management   By: Business Sense

Coping With the Layoff: How to Negotiate a Better Severance Package

If a company decides to lay you off, it’s vital that you agree the best severance package possible. With limited notice, you may not find it easy to walk into another good job straight away, and your last salary may need to last you a long time. This article offers five simple strategies to help professionals cope with a layoff, by negotiating the best possible deal. | Read More →

Words: 608   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Business Sense

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