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Barbie Carpenter is a seasoned professional writer and editor with more than 15 years of professional experience. Over the course of her career, she has written a nationally syndicated column, composed product descriptions and category page content for many of the nation's top retailers, and crafted engaging blog posts for businesses and nonprofits. She also manages her own consulting business that focuses on editing academic manuscripts for graduate students and professors.

Barbie enjoys composing engaging blog posts, informative research-based articles, interesting newsletters, and convincing advertorial copy for her clients. With a bachelor's degree in journalism and graduate degree in professional writing, Barbie is a trained writer with an acute ability to write on a range of topics.

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Finding the Right Dog Sitter

When you have to leave your dog, you want to minimize the stress for both of you. Finding a trustworthy dog sitter can make your separation easier. This article offers four ways that you can find the right sitter for your furry friend.

Words: 477   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Barbie Carpenter

Exploring Orlando Beyond Disney

Tourists might head to Orlando to visit Disney World, but the city offers plenty of other activities for visitors looking to get away from the attractions. This article suggests four spots in Orlando to visit that offer more than costumed characters and rides.

Words: 476   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: Barbie Carpenter

Four Smart Blogs for Your Business

Many businesses use blogs to attract customers, but finding effective topics for a business blog can be a challenge. This article offers four smart topics that businesses can use for their blogs.

Words: 492   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Barbie Carpenter

Breastfeeding Tips for First-Time Moms

Breastfeeding offers health and emotional benefits for both mothers and babies. However, being the sole food source for a baby can be an overwhelming experience for a first-time mom. This article offers three strategies to help first-time moms adjust to breastfeeding and enjoy the bonding that it creates.

Words: 543   Downloads: 0   Category: Womens Health   By: Barbie Carpenter

Making the Most of a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships are tough, and they won´t last if couples aren´t willing to put effort into them. Fortunately, several strategies can help couples cope with the distance. This article outlines three strategies that long-distance couples can use to keep their relationship strong.

Words: 388   Downloads: 0   Category: Dating   By: Barbie Carpenter

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