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S.J. Merens is the pen name for Shelley Moore, an author with extensive experience in professional writing, both online and in print. Under these two names, Moore has published articles on websites such as LiveStrong and Chron.com, the online presence of the "Houston Chronicle." Her articles have appeared in EOEJournal. She has completed many ghostwriting projects for SEO topics, including health and wellness, self-improvement, automotive and swimming pools. She also has a great deal of print experience, including stringing for daily and weekly newspapers, creating feature stories for regional magazines, and writing short general-interest articles for publications that corporations distribute to their employees.

With a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a minor in journalism, Moore specializes in writing about personal development, personal finance, and alternative and complementary medicine.

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Consider a Rewarding Healthcare Career as a Phlebotomy Technician

As with many other healthcare occupations, phlebotomy technicians have an excellent employment outlook for the foreseeable future. The main job duty of these workers is to draw blood from patients and donors. Training is provided at technical schools and community colleges.This article reviews information about the career's pay rates. It discusses details about training and the importance of certification. | Read More →

Words: 545   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: S.J. Merens

Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise

Small business owners can have such busy work schedules that they can't figure out a time to get some exercise. Performing physical activity in short sessions throughout the day counts for this goal and can easily add up to 30 or 60 minutes. This article provides tips for fitting in brief sessions of walking, weight lifting, dancing and other activity. | Read More →

Words: 468   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: S.J. Merens

Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Damage from Ice Dams?

Ice dams cause millions of dollars in damage to U.S. homes every year. Fortunately, homeowners insurance policies typically cover costs for repairs to the roof and the interior of the structure. This article explains how ice dams form and provides tips on how to prevent the problem. It also discusses home insurance in relation to damage caused by ice dams. | Read More →

Words: 495   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: S.J. Merens

The Many Protective Advantages of Car Covers

Car covers have several protective advantages for vehicle owners who want to keep their automobiles in great cosmetic condition. They protect it from organic debris like tree sap, and they stop the paint from gradually fading due to ultraviolet light exposure. This article goes into more detail about the benefits connected with keeping a vehicle covered when it's not in use. | Read More →

Words: 431   Downloads: 0   Category: Automobiles   By: S.J. Merens

Preventing Tooth Enamel Erosion When Eating Lots of Fruit

People who munch on fruit several times a day increase their risk of tooth enamel erosion and cavities. This article looks at the research behind this finding and provides details on several protective strategies. The information shows fruit lovers how they can continue their eating habits without damaging their teeth. | Read More →

Words: 754   Downloads: 0   Category: Dental   By: S.J. Merens

The Possibility of Chiropractic Care for Tinnitus Treatment

Chiropractic care appears to be helpful for some patients suffering from tinnitus. That disorder causes chronic noises in the ear that do not originate from outside. Ringing is one of the more common sounds heard in this condition. This article discusses the research available and offers some theories as to why chiropractic treatment might be effective. | Read More →

Words: 451   Downloads: 0   Category: Alternative Medicine   By: S.J. Merens

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