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Hi! My name is Eric Troy. I research and write about many areas of fitness, strength training, physiology, sport psychology, kinesiology, injury, nutrition, health, and medical subjects. With my experience as a veterinary technician and my ability to research and comprehend health and biology related information, I also write articles about cats, including how to care for them, their behavior, and their biology.

I have the ability to write in many different areas. Each article is thoroughly researched with a high attention to factual accuracy and quality writing.

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Why a Ball of Yarn is the Most Dangerous Cat Toy

This article explains the danger of the old-fashioned makeshift cat toy, a ball of yarn. It further explains the dangers of any type of string or toys with strings attached as well as the perils of other related household items that could be not only dangerous but life-threatening for your pet. | Read More →

Words: 1013   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Eric Troy

Does Adding a Pound of Muscle Burn 30 to 40 Calories a Day?

Exercise is an important part of weight loss. Along with the right eating habits, the right exercise can produce much better and lasting results than dieting alone. But does the addition of lean muscle mass burn more calories? ? Does a pound of muscle burn 30 to 40 calories per day, as is often reported? Is gaining muscle the key to fat loss? | Read More →

Words: 441   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: Eric Troy

When Do Kittens Get Their Teeth?

Just like humans cats are born without visible teeth before their baby teeth arise. Just how many teeth do cats have? And when do kittens get their permanent teeth? This article covers all the basics of the domestic cat's teeth, including their type, number, and function. | Read More →

Words: 490   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Eric Troy

Is a Viral Bacteriophage the Answer to Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs?

The wide and sometimes irresponsible use of antibiotic drugs has a downside. The bacteria these drugs fight evolve and develop resistance to the antibiotics. As a result, some infections become resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics. This has caused a serious medical crisis. However, there may be a solution. It could be that our potent enemy, the virus, could rescue us from the superbugs. The bacteriophage, a type of virus that attacks bacteria, may hold the answer to these antibiotic-resistant infections. | Read More →

Words: 1778   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Eric Troy

Do Domestic Cats Living Outside Really Become Feral?

What is a feral cat? How does a cat become feral? What is the difference between a wild cat and a feral one? Can a feral cat ever be domesticated? There are many misconceptions about feral cats. This article provides an easy to understand explanation about them while answering basic questions about the feasibility of adopting one. | Read More →

Words: 898   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Eric Troy

Can Cats Count?

We're always wondering about our cats. What are they thinking? Do they love us? How smart are they? Many cat lovers think that cats are smarter than dogs. Well, just how smart are they? Can cats count? If so, how high? | Read More →

Words: 1024   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Eric Troy

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