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With 16 years of fulltime freelance writing experience, SMC Creative is here for all of your content needs. Specialties include health,social media,technology, travel and the home

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3 Ways to Measure and Improve B2B Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

You invest money into your social media marketing every day. If you're like a typical business, you spend money creating content, pay someone to monitor and post and even use an SaaS scheduler. All these things cost money, so if you don't know how successful your efforts are, you won't know if you are wasting money -- or if you should invest more heavily in social media. Your social media marketing data can help you determine when and where to invest to get the best possible return on your marketing investment. This piece shares the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your social media and how to ensure your efforts are worthwhile. | Read More →

Words: 741   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: SMcNesby

Healthcare Business: Using Texting to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes

Texts and SMS are becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers, from sending along simple reminders to boosting medication and care compliance. Smartphone use is at an all-time high, so practices and facilities simply can't avoid this powerful and universally used technology any longer. This piece looks at the way providers and brands are using texting and technology to improve patient care and communication. | Read More →

Words: 691   Downloads: 0   Category: IT   By: SMcNesby

5 Best Disney Theme Parks in the World

From the innovation and high tech experiences offered at EPCOT to the traditional and enduring appeal of the Magic Kingdom, the Disney theme parks are some of the best in the world. While Disney sets the standard for other brands, which Disney parks are the best? From the stunning Disneyland Paris to the park that started it all, here is an overview of the best Disney theme parks in the world. | Read More →

Words: 782   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: SMcNesby

Caregiver Tips: How to Help Your Loved One with Hearing Loss

Hearing impacts all aspects of a senior’s health. When they can’t hear, they can’t communicate well, and may even isolate themselves from others. Learning more about hearing loss makes it easy to spot signs of trouble and to get your loved one the help they need. | Read More →

Words: 570   Downloads: 0   Category: Aging   By: SMcNesby

6 Ways to Protect Your Home When You Take a Vacation

Anyone leaving on vacation needs to take some precautions, but if you have a home business or expensive electronics at home, you may be facing a higher risk. Criminals have become very sophisticated when it comes to spotting the signs of a vacant, unprotected home; thankfully, there are steps you can take to ensure your absence goes unnoticed and your home stays safe. Take the following steps the next time you go on vacation, so you can enjoy your time in paradise, worry free. | Read More →

Words: 526   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: SMcNesby

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss: What Can You Expect During Treatment?

Cancer patients who need chemotherapy often worry about hair loss; depending on the type of medication and treatment you are receiving, you could experience partial or full loss while you are undergoing this lifesaving therapy. Hair loss related to cancer treatment is temporary, but learning what to expect during this time and planning ahead can help you feel more comfortable and confident. Discovering some different ways to deal with this common concern can help you make proactive decisions about your health and ensure you look and feel your best as your treatment progresses and you move into recovery. | Read More →

Words: 831   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: SMcNesby

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