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Add fresh content to your website, blog, or other online marketing system easily with pre-written or on spec content. I love writing and providing clients with articles they can use. I work from a home office where I tend my beautiful gardens in between projects. I'm a certified life coach, member of a small business organization, and a former home stager. My experience in these areas gives me more than ample topics to write on.

I specialize in articles on gardening, pets, small business marketing, real estate, home improvement, relationships, anxiety, depression, happiness, hope, and self-improvement.

I try to focus on a “why” and "what" — Why would your reader want to read this? — What will your reader take away? — What action might your reader take next? — How will this article entice him to take action?

My passions are writing, creating art, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, managing my home, gardening and landscaping.

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Are You a “Big Cheese” or a “Big Sleaze” in Your Social Media Network?

Online marketing is all about having good conversations. Relationship development is key for good marketing today. It’s easy to forget there are people with bones and skin on behind the cool nicknames and profiles you are able to connect with online, though. It is easy, to let things get out of hand and say or post something you shouldn’t. It’s easy to become confused about what marketing actually is and gain the reputation of being a spammer when you post endless “buy this” pieces. This article points out habits of “sleazy” people, and lists etiquette tips to help a person market themselves as a go-to person instead. | Read More →

Words: 947   Downloads: 1   Category: Business   By: Joy Callingwood

Ten Tips for Toning Up This Spring

When spring arrives with a wave of warm air, a woman might find herself wearing a winter coat one day and shorts the next. In order to prepare for a spring body unveiling, a woman can pay attention to a few toning tips and beauty tips ahead of time. Some suggestions include more gym time, the use of self-tanner and a wardrobe update. | Read More →

Words: 522   Downloads: 1   Category: Womens Health   By: Joy Callingwood

Tips for Becoming a Great Conversationalist

Today conversation doesn’t only take place in person. Conversation takes place through text messages, social media status updates, email, and so forth. Being a good conversationalist means thinking through the image you want to project. You can prepare yourself by asking a few key questions and preparing the types of answers that best suit you. This article highlights a few key questions a person can ask himself in order to gain a better understanding of himself and others in order to become a good conversationalist. | Read More →

Words: 1036   Downloads: 2   Category: Self Improvement   By: Joy Callingwood

Are You an Artist in Need of Inspiration?

For the artist in need of a little inspiration, it may help to study the tactics of successful artists of the past. This article focuses specifically on Leonardo da Vinci, posing the question: Was he really an unfocused procrastinator, or was he a perfectionist master? While da Vinci may have borne the brunt end of insults in his day, one might say he actually knew what he was doing. A true artist knows that real artists live and breath their work. They can rarely escape their creativity. To accuse da Vinci of being unfocused is naïve. This article points out some possible reasons da Vinci seemed to step back from the work at hand. The article also gives numbered points for the modern day artist to draw from in order to become more successful at their own craft. | Read More →

Words: 1065   Downloads: 2   Category: Arts & Culture   By: Joy Callingwood

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life

Many people are looking for life purpose and meaning. Greater fulfilment is derived from where the needs and values of the world intersect with a person´s unique skills, abilities and personality. This article draws a reader to consider his own unique gifts, and challenges him to develop and use them. Fulfillment is found when a person discovers he has blessed another person and made the world a better place. | Read More →

Words: 1046   Downloads: 2   Category: Self Improvement   By: Joy Callingwood

What Is Home Staging and Why Might You Need It?

This article outlines the meaning of home staging. It gives suggestions as to why it is an important consideration for a home seller. It suggests that a homeowner may actually save himself money by getting the opinion of a professional home stager before making renovations himself. | Read More →

Words: 565   Downloads: 3   Category: Real Estate   By: Joy Callingwood

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