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Add fresh content to your website, blog, or other online marketing system easily with pre-written or on spec content. I love writing and providing clients with articles they can use. I work from a home office where I tend my beautiful gardens in between projects. I'm a certified life coach, member of a small business organization, and a former home stager. My experience in these areas gives me more than ample topics to write on.

I specialize in articles on gardening, pets, small business marketing, real estate, home improvement, relationships, anxiety, depression, happiness, hope, and self-improvement.

I try to focus on a “why” and "what" — Why would your reader want to read this? — What will your reader take away? — What action might your reader take next? — How will this article entice him to take action?

My passions are writing, creating art, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, managing my home, gardening and landscaping.

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Is It Time to Re-Write Your Christmas Script? 5 Tips for Making the Season Work for You

Do you hear yourself saying, "Bah! Humbug!" when you hear the word "Christmas"? Is Christmas becoming a celebration you´d rather avoid? For many people, trying to live up to romantic notions of the perfect Christmas celebration becomes dizzying. The truth is, more people have imperfect Christmases than perfect ones. So just how do you get through the Christmas season with your emotions in tact? Here are five great tips that can help you re-write your Christmas season script. | Read More →

Words: 1081   Downloads: 1   Category: Recreation   By: Joy Callingwood

Artists Can Counterbalance Challenges With Lessons From the Masters

There is no one-path-fits-all where art is concerned. Some artists go to art school while others are self-taught. Some are wildly successful, others not so much. While most artists share many of the characteristics of their archetype, each sets his own pace, priorities and pathway by the choices he makes along the way. Discouragement, lack of funds and doubt often plague an artist. Setbacks can be crippling. To counteract these challenges, it’s good for an artist to put some counterbalances into place. This article draws from a few characteristics of renaissance great, Leonardo Da Vinci, while offering today’s artist some interesting counterbalancing concepts. | Read More →

Words: 807   Downloads: 0   Category: Arts & Culture   By: Joy Callingwood

Don't Let Obesity Win: Implement New Tactics!

The battle of the bulge is an ongoing one. Everyone should seek to find the diet and exercise plan that works for them. Some people will profit from using a diet coach or other professional to help set them on course. Education about proper food choices is key if a person is to be equipped with the ability to make wise decisions for themselves. Sometimes eating off a healthy choice food list is better than using a calorie restricted diet. Of course, mindset is key as well and this article offers some tips to having the right mindset while making suitable life changes to fight obesity. | Read More →

Words: 696   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: Joy Callingwood

Coping With Lonely Feelings After a Move

There are many people today who take the leap and move with their job or just for adventure. Once the "honeymoon phase" of moving passes and reality sets, in a person may feel depressingly lonely. It is important to realize that feelings such as this are not unique, but are a by-product of the act of moving itself. It is hard to start over and everyone that moves needs a little help now and then. Here are a few tips along that line. | Read More →

Words: 582   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Joy Callingwood

Creative Ways to Transform a Suburban Back Yard

Today the possibilities for backyard transformation are endless. A great idea is to break your back yard into "rooms" with a purpose. There are many ways to go about creating rooms while still giving the illusion of space. Why not use these tips to transform your suburban back yard into a dream get-a-way space? | Read More →

Words: 487   Downloads: 2   Category: Landscaping   By: Joy Callingwood

Envy Can Ruin Your Career

While humans are brought up to be competitive, there comes a time when that competitive spirit causes conflict in an organization. Envy can be damaging to your career and emotional health when competitiveness turns to constant comparing, judging, and analyzing your peers. If you have a problem with envy, you will find yourself in a losing battle fighting the wrong enemy. If you become proud and arrogant that is manufactured out of envy for your peers, you will be seen as obnoxious. If you criticize your peers out of envy, you will be seen as ill natured and a negative influence. Once in an organization, it’s important to learn how to work as a team and applaud your peers rather than living in envy of them. If you have a battle with envy, this article will give you 10 tips to break the habit. | Read More →

Words: 613   Downloads: 1   Category: Human Resources   By: Joy Callingwood

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