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Susan M. Keenan, a professional freelance writer, holds a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Her repertoire of articles includes an eclectic array of topics including personal finance, beauty, travel, fashion, weddings, relationships, mortgages and loans, gardening, parenting, do-it-yourself, pets, and many more.

She enjoys the challenge of fresh topics and has a voracious appetite for new ideas. Private requests are a pleasure that take priority in her life. No writing task is too simple or too difficult. In addition to articles, her works include home pages, landing pages, press releases, white board content, newsletters, rack cards, email content, letters, drip-marketing postcards, poetry, photograph captions, and home descriptions for print publication.

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How to Avoid Gaining Weight This Halloween

If you are like most people, the mention of Halloween brings images of chocolate bars, gummy worms, and candied apples to mind. Avoiding the weight gain that often accompanies easy access to delectable treats doesn't need to be difficult. This article provides several handy strategies you can use to avoid gaining a few pounds this Halloween.

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How to Toddler-Proof Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are like magnets to small children. Colorful ornaments and twinkling lights look like wonderful things to play with and explore. Unfortunately, Christmas trees pose a danger to small children. This article provides tips on how to toddler-proof your Christmas tree.

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4 Easy Tips for Storing Artificial Christmas Trees

It's important to pack up your artificial Christmas tree properly if you want to use it year after year. This task isn't as easy as it may seem. Whether you are new to artificial trees or you simply want a better way to store your tree after the holiday season, this article provides a few handy tips for storing your tree properly.

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Holiday Decorating Tips for the Kitchen

Decorating the kitchen for the holidays is often one of the last things families do. After all, you need to put the tree up, decorate it, hang Christmas lights, and so much more. This article provides a few simple tips to help you bring some holiday fun into your kitchen this year.

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5 Practical Tips for an Affordable Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party for adults can be a lot of fun. It can also be expensive, particularly if you don't take the time to set a budget. This article provides five tips that you can use to keep your party affordable. Keep reading to learn more about saving money while giving your guests a spooky thrill.

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The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Your Winter HVAC Needs

Your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to keep it operating at peak performance. Following a few tips can extend the lifespan of your heating equipment. This article provides tips to help you improve functionality and save on money.

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