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I am a B2B consultant working part-time with three consulting firms, in addition to handling several direct accounts.

I have over 20 years experience in sales, marketing, production, operations and supply chain management. My manufacturing experience includes production cell management, Kan Ban contract negotiation, production throughput analysis and cycle time management. My sales experience includes selling direct to Telecom OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), terrestrial earth stations and high power amplifier manufacturers. I also have several years experience in commodity-based sales, selling plastic to several injection molding industries, plasma densified powder for the hardfacing industry as well as biodiesel to the petroleum industry. My marketing experience includes writing for several SEO firms and performing multiple market feasibility studies.<br />
<br />
I have written several articles as a ghost writer on production, engineering, sales, inventory management, operations and procurement related issues. Several of these articles have appeared in Trade Magazines or as whitepapers for my clientele. I have also contributed content to the Institute of Supply Chain Management’s monthly publication “Inside Supply Management”. <br />

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Entrepreneur Essentials: Profit Contribution Portion and Break Even Analysis

The following article provides a step-by-step process to figuring out a small business's break-even point. It then expands on three ways entrepreneurs and small business owners can reach break-even sooner by comparing various prices, fixed costs and variable costs within three embedded excel tables. The excel table and word documents are included as attachments. | Read More →

Words: 1145   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Ian Johnson

Manufacturer Costing Sheet for Industrial Finished Goods: Amalgamating Raw Material Costs, Preparation Times, Production Run Times, Overhead, Profit and Total Price

The following document has three color-coded embedded excel tables that outline how a manufacturer should price their products. The first table outlines the product's raw material costs and includes a small four percent mark-up to cover production overruns and inventory carrying costs. The second table outlines the labor costs by defining preparation times and production run times for each operation. The third table outlines the overhead and profit margins on the product in question. A separate excel table is included that allows manufacturers to input their own values for raw materials, labor costs, preparation/set-up times, production run times, overhead, and most importantly, profit margins. | Read More →

Words: 1137   Downloads: 0   Category: Management   By: Ian Johnson

Internet Censorship and Surveillance: How Governments Worldwide Attack Free Speech and Freedom of Expression by Controlling the Internet

The following document discusses the issues pertaining to internet censorship and surveillance by worldwide governments and its impact on free speech and freedom of expression. These four strategies include 1) blocking IP addresses with IP-based protocols (HTTP,FTP, POP), 2) contaminating domain name systems (DNS), 3) filtering of uniform resource locators (URL) and keyword blocking, and finally, 4) initiating network attacks or issuing take down notices. All four are explained in detail and summarized in a color-coded label matrix. | Read More →

Words: 655   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Ian Johnson

Strategic Planning: The Definitive SME and Entrepreneur’s Guide to the SWOT and TOWS Analyses

The SWOT analysis and TOWS analysis are critical tools for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs, ones who lack the manpower and market intelligence needed to stay one-step ahead of their larger competitors. The following word document explains both strategic planning tools in detail. It contains a fictitious SWOT analysis inside a colored matrix table. Each heading has four unique bullet points. The completed SWOT analysis is then used to fill out a TOWS analysis, which is included in a colored block diagram. The action plans and strategies emerging from the inner portions of the TOWS analysis are explained in detail. | Read More →

Words: 1110   Downloads: 3   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Ian Johnson

Performing a Customer Needs Assessment: When Your Company Must Adapt to a Changing Marketplace

A company is never more concerned about its customers than when it starts losing business. A customer needs assessments starts with an honest assessment of why your company lost market share. Next, it focuses on understanding why customers left, why their needs changed, what customers currently want and most importantly, what your company must do to win them back. These five points are explained in detail and a converging radial diagram is included summarizing each of these five steps. | Read More →

Words: 950   Downloads: 2   Category: Marketing   By: Ian Johnson

Five Essential Email Marketing Strategies in B2B Sales

Most companies assume that email marketing is best suited to business to consumer (B2C) environments. However, an argument can easily be made that it works just as well, if not better, in business to business (B2B) environments. The following article provides five essential strategies to run a successful email marketing campaign in a B2B setting. | Read More →

Words: 780   Downloads: 3   Category: Marketing   By: Ian Johnson

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