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I am versed in a wide variety of subjects with specialties in travel, history, philosophy, music, and tennis. I taught English and literature, specializing in British and American, for over 28 years.

For the past twelve years, I have written over a broad variety of subjects and also have written many screen and stage plays. Most of these are musicals, and I also have released three music CDs in the last twelve years. These albums include original music as well as covers of great music from the 60s and 70s. The latest is a transformational combination of traditional hymns and Beatles songs.

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Commander Bond, Your Motorcar is Ready

Everyone has a part of themselves that fantasizes about a world designed just for them. The problem in the "real world" is how to translate fantasy into reality. Q by Aston Martin is their customization division that fulfills those desires. More than just a paint and trim operation, "Q" will put their full engineering and design teams together to create the ultimate personalized automobile. | Read More →

Words: 536   Downloads: 0   Category: Automobiles   By: Mel MacKaron

The Haunting Beauty of the Carlsbad Caverns

The Carlsbad Caverns are one of the most astounding natural wonders of the world and very important to the protected list of World Heritage Sites. Lying in the Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico, USA, the amazing natural structures of this vast underground structure dwarf anything else on the planet. Your adventure starts outside of the Caverns with the exodus of Mexican Free-tailed bats in search of food, takes you through breath-taking passageways, and culminates with a delightful meal in the Big Room. | Read More →

Words: 764   Downloads: 1   Category: Travel   By: Mel MacKaron

Adjectives: The Words That Bring Your Writing to Life

What separates bland words on the page from dynamic writing? Adjectives. These words, identified in high English classes as answering the questions "Which one?", "What kind?", and "How many?" take your writing from vague and uninteresting to crisp and compelling. This article instructs budding writers in effective use of adjectives, helping to take their prose and poetry to the next level. | Read More →

Words: 499   Downloads: 2   Category: Writing   By: Mel MacKaron

Christmas Crafts

The Christmas season is one of creation and giving. Is there a better way to embody the spirit of the season than by creating your own decorations and presents? Video games, shirts, and foodstuffs may be fine, but people truly do appreciate the effort you put in to making clever items for them. Here are three ideas to get you on your way. | Read More →

Words: 933   Downloads: 3   Category: Holidays   By: Mel MacKaron

In Praise of the Pumpkin

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. It is a time to count our blessings and to appreciate the bountiful world around us. Symbolic of this time of year are the crowning glories of the Thanksgiving feast: the roasted turkey and the pumpkin pie. The pumpkin, itself, more than any other symbol of autumn, reflects the spirit of the season. It is nutritious, versatile, and iconic. Note: The article also includes a recipe for some yummy pumpkin cookies. | Read More →

Words: 866   Downloads: 4   Category: Holidays   By: Mel MacKaron

African Yoruba Weddings

Marriage is a special and sacred rite, and part of its beauty is the variations in the ceremony and ritual between different cultures. The African Yoruba wedding is a blending of traditional Nigerian customs and customary weddings. Explore how the Yoruba wedding can build a link between your heritage and your future. | Read More →

Words: 787   Downloads: 1   Category: Weddings   By: Mel MacKaron

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