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Chris Blank is a Chicago area writer and researcher with extensive experience in print and online media. Blank specializes in popular culture, travel, sustainability, current affairs and public policy. Chris Blank holds a master's degree in sociology and a Juris Doctor, concentrating in the areas of civil rights and intellectual property.

Chris Blank has written features for the Travel Tips section of the online version of USA Today and real estate-related articles for the Home Guides section for SF Gate, and the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Chris Blank has also written business articles for the Small Business section of Chron, the online version of the Houston Chronicle; articles on law-related topics for LegalZoom and personal finance articles for and The Nest. Chris Blank has also contributed to WiseGEEK, and to the Home and Garden Ideas, Beauty & Style and Money & Business websites affiliated with the Pronto group.

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Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

In a tough market, you need all the advantages you can gain to sell your home. If your home is structurally sound and fairly priced, you still may have trouble selling if it doesn´t appeal to potential buyers. Improving your home´s curb appeal can entice buyers to take a closer look and maybe make an offer. | Read More →

Words: 510   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: Chris Blank

What Is a Prescriptive Easement? and Why Should I Care?

Prescriptive easement is a legal term that describes how one person can effectively seize a portion of land from another person. This article uses a real-world example to explain this complex legal concept. The article breaks down the elements of this legal concept and describes steps that can be taken to avoid this difficult legal situation. | Read More →

Words: 570   Downloads: 0   Category: Law   By: Chris Blank

Your Will and Testament: Ensuring That Your Last Wishes Are Carried Out

Many people avoid the task of drafting a will. However, having a valid will in place is the only way to ensure that your final wishes will be carried out. Especially if you are facing life threatening illness, drafting a will is essential. | Read More →

Words: 522   Downloads: 0   Category: Law   By: Chris Blank

Android Antivirus Review

Android powered devices account for the lion´s share of Smartphones on the market. Android Smartphone users have literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for download. Antivirus programs can provide some protection against malicious programs disguised as useful or benign apps. However, vigilant monitoring can also keeps Android Smartphone users safe, with or without installing virus protection on their devices. N.B. Word count does NOT include chart summary of antivirus test results or reference section. | Read More →

Words: 722   Downloads: 0   Category: Mobile Phones   By: Chris Blank

Best Fashion Trends of 2012

The past year was especially eventful in many respects, and fashion trends reflected that fact. Bold colors were especially popular. Men as well as women are also increasingly involved with fashion and fashion trends. | Read More →

Words: 526   Downloads: 0   Category: Fashion   By: Chris Blank

Bad Breath in Pets

Bad breath in pets can make it difficult to be close to your pet. In many cases, the cause is plaque buildup, which is easily treated. However, bad breath in pets can be an indicator of othr serious problems. | Read More →

Words: 512   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Chris Blank

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