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J. A. Young is a free-lance writer with a Master's Degree in English and professional background working in both general and specialized research libraries--10+ years directing small public and academic library facilities. Her work published in the 2008 Winter/Spring edition of Spoon River Quarterly Review has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

She covers topics that include information technology, online marketing, business, travel, gardening, etc...Her advanced research background and extensive writing experience allow her to command nearly any topic with professional competence and her flexible approach to project-based writing.

J. A. Young is currently one of Constant Content's ten top-selling writers. Check out her catalog here of available work or contact her for a special project. She's also a personable collaborator and enjoys writing and delivering the content solutions clients want.

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President Obama’s Healthcare Plan Revealed

This article summarizes the main points of President Obama´s healthcare reforms. It also lists its essentials and covers highlights affecting insurance companies, businesses, and individual citizens. Content is original, but basic reference information has been obtained through government resources and reputable news agencies/organizations.

Words: 2722   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: J. A. Young

Comprehensive Skin Care Solutions from Dermetics

This blog post contains client-requested keywords and explores the skin care products available at Dermetics of Burlington, Ontario.

Words: 425   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: J. A. Young

The White Mary: Book Review

Set in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea, this novel is a riveting contemporary adventure fueled by the self-destructive and reckless main character. A journey of self understanding complements this survival tale that is not easy to set down until one reaches its conclusion.

Words: 555   Downloads: 0   Category: Literature   By: J. A. Young

Cooked to Perfection: The New Breed of Microwave Ovens

This article explores the advanced technology and new features of today´s microwave ovens. As many models incorporate other cooking methods into their designs, they are encouraging cooks to enjoy a whole new microwave experience.

Words: 575   Downloads: 0   Category: Cooking   By: J. A. Young

Anachronisms in Blockbuster Movies

This article is a list of blockbuster films that achieved success in spite of or even because of their anachronisms. While some anachronistic elements of these films are intentional for comedic purposes, others were clearly unintended, but caught by discerning audiences nonetheless!

Words: 1006   Downloads: 0   Category: Movies & TV   By: J. A. Young

Nuclear Disasters

This article is a list of ten major nuclear accidents in history. It includes the recent Japanese INES 7 incident that occurred in 2011 after the earthquakes and tsunami that triggered damage to the plant.

Words: 1017   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: J. A. Young

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