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With a degree in communications and several years experience as a journalist and sub-editor, Hayley offers articles that audiences like to read. Hayley's other experience is in business training - designing and presenting training courses, especially in management skills like leadership, communication and negotiation, marketing, and business writing. She is interested in health, wealth, happiness, romance, self-improvement, computers, and safety and likes to make her articles stand out from the crowd. Hayley is happy to accept private requests. Articles by Hayley are unique and easy to read.

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Five Ways to Ensure Your Employees Are Safe in a Warehouse

This article is written from an occupational health and safety view and aims at encouraging employers of a warehouse to ensure that all employees are safe. Warehouses have lots of potential dangers, simply from the nature of what a warehouse is and the constant movement of goods to and from the warehouse. This article gives tips on designing a warehouse for traffic flow, safe pedestrian access and includes tips on signage, training, and personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of anyone entering a warehouse. | Read More →

Words: 681   Downloads: 0   Category: Human Resources   By: HayleyWriter

Top Tips to Become a Published Author

Written as a blog or article for a writers group or a publisher, this article provides prospective authors with five top tips on how to get their book published. Tips include polishing the manuscript, taking advice from industry experts, and building an author platform prior to publishing. Within the text are some hints of things not to do, like not pushing a manuscript into a publisher's face or posting inappropriate items on social media. This article explains that finishing writing a novel or a book in any genre is only the first step to getting published. | Read More →

Words: 853   Downloads: 0   Category: Writing   By: HayleyWriter

Coping with an Autistic Child

This article, written by a parent with an autistic child, who has several friends and relatives with autistic children, is aimed at parents who have just had a child diagnosed or will probably be diagnosed with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. It gives some basic tips and explains how parenting a child with ASD can be different to parenting normal children. This article provides parents with a few ideas on how to get help and the sort of help you can access, plus tips on coping with melt downs and difficult behaviours. | Read More →

Words: 994   Downloads: 0   Category: Parenting   By: HayleyWriter

Five Fun Crafts for Kids at Home

This article is perfect for businesses that cater to children's entertainment, or for parents. Many parents are finding it difficult to keep children entertained at home. These five crafty projects can be done over several days or in one session and can easily be adapted to suit children of different ages and skill levels. The article explains simple but effective craft ideas including creating pictures from natural items like pebbles or sticks, creating a tissue paper garden, a bottle menagerie, a chalk dust picture or a picture made from melting crayons. | Read More →

Words: 1094   Downloads: 0   Category: Children   By: HayleyWriter

Five Ways to Help Your Child Learn Language Skills

This article gives readers tips on how to encourage and teach a baby or toddler how to talk, and how to understand language. Tips include not speaking in baby talk, great games to play, how to read to your child, and even how to adapt common songs and nursery rhymes to make the language more interactive for your child. This article includes useful information for parents and will be a good read in a parenting magazine. Written in UK English. | Read More →

Words: 1251   Downloads: 0   Category: Children   By: HayleyWriter

Five Ways to Lose Weight While Shopping for Groceries

With five easy to implement tips, anyone can lose weight while shopping for groceries. This article focuses on shopping for groceries, because it is this shop that will have the biggest impact on a daily diet for weight loss. The tips include a couple of ways to increase exercise while shopping and three tips that encourage the reader to be very conscious about the products that end up in the shopping trolley, because these are the foods that the person will be consuming. This article challenges the reader to change their thinking about food, portion size, and products purchased at the grocery shop. | Read More →

Words: 1041   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: HayleyWriter

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