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* Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts (Bitcoin, Bcash, Litecoin, Ethereum, & NEO)
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* Computer Programming (C, C++, Go, Javascript, Python, Ruby)
* Web Design
* Web Security
* Internet culture and information
* Computer hardware
* Cloud computing
* Unix, BSD, Linux & Solaris (or Open Indiana)
* Operating System Development
* Embedded Systems
* Gaming
* Nutrition
* Science
* Academics
* Finance
* Economics

Fluent in English & Spanish

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A Few Reasons How You Are Not Fully Optimizing Your Youtube Videos

YouTube channels are one of the most powerful social media tools that can be used to promote your business. With a great idea and some luck getting viral, your videos may blow up your brand to new heights. This article will give you some pointers on how to optimize your video so it can attract high-quality viewers.

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4 Reasons Coffee is Healthier Than Green Tea

Green tea versus coffee is usually down to health snobs versus the taste snobs. With recent scientific evidence, coffee consumption can be much tastier and healthier than a cup of green tea. A cup of coffee can have significant benefits to fight mental and physical ailments with much more robustness than any sort of tea. This article goes over why tea is underrated and coffee may be the kind healthy beverages.

Words: 518   Downloads: 0   Category: Food & Dining   By: Dotcomwriter

A Few Easy Hacks to Prevent Brewing Bitter Coffee

For the less sophisticated, newbie coffee drinkers, drinking bitter coffee is just a fact of life. On the other hand, real coffee experts will know that perfectly prepared coffee is not bitter, but rather delicious on its own. With just a few hacks, even an amateur can brew an awesome, debittered cup of coffee. This article gives some simple tips on how to always make a perfect cup of coffee.

Words: 568   Downloads: 0   Category: Food & Dining   By: Dotcomwriter

4 Reasons to Choose Coffee Over Energy Drinks as Your Source of Caffeine

Energy drinks are the biggest contenders for coffee when it comes to getting a quick pick-me-up. The high dosage of caffeine, B-vitamins, and other compounds is useful for students pulling all-nighters, truckers, or even athletes. The biggest concern about energy drink usage is the potential of harmful effects with long-term usage. This article will discuss how the health risks of energy drinks make them inferior to coffee.

Words: 555   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: Dotcomwriter

Why Latin America Desperately Needs Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Venezuela, Brazil, and many other countries in Latin America can benefit from using cryptocurrencies. With inefficient and corrupt government stifling international financial transactions, decentralization is definitely needed. The rapidly growing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also makes it a great store of wealth amidst rapid inflation of fiat currencies.

Words: 1053   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: Dotcomwriter

Why Blogspot is Just Enough to Create a Seo Optimized Blog

Wordpress has become the industry standard for creating SEO optimized websites. Blogger currently left behind as a free blog hosting platform that many professionals may see as tacky. This article proves that Blogspot may be utilized to create a fully optimized blog.

Words: 640   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: Dotcomwriter

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