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Daniel Brooks is a freelance writer currently living in the United States. Daniel writes on a variety of topics ranging from travel and culture to lifestyle and gaming.

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The Popular Website Advertisers Still Underutilize

Reddit is one of the largest websites in America, yet it is still underutilized by advertisers. This article explains how two of Reddit's features, namely subreddits and AMA posts, can be great assets for any advertising campaign. | Read More →

Words: 470   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Daniel Brooks

What’s Up with the Plurals of Alumnus and Alumna?

A lot of the words we use in English come from the Latin language. As a result, some of these words can behave differently than one might normally expect. Two words that do this are alumnus and alumna. This article explains why those words act so oddly by giving a brief overview of the Latin case system and how that system affects the words when we use them in English. | Read More →

Words: 624   Downloads: 0   Category: Classical Studies   By: Daniel Brooks

The Genius of Hearthstone

Many often criticize Blizzard's game Hearthstone for having too much randomness. However, this feature is an important part of the experience for casual players. Not only does it make the game more fun, it also allows casual players to win which keeps them coming back to the game.This article explains why randomness important to casual players while reminding readers why casual players are important to the health of the game. | Read More →

Words: 461   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: Daniel Brooks

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Playing with Their Cat

This article discusses three common mistakes people make when playing with their cats and how to avoid them. First the article explains how cat owners should try to mimic prey animals with their toys to keep their cats interested. The article then emphasizes the importance of owners sometimes letting their cats win during play. This prevents frustration and keeps the cats happy. Finally, the article reminds owners to vary the toys they use to keep their cats interested. The article ends with a brief summary and a reminder for owners to experiment to see what works best for them and their cat. | Read More →

Words: 537   Downloads: 0   Category: Cats   By: Daniel Brooks

How to Get People to Come to Your Garage Sale

This article outlines five ways for readers to attract more customers to their garage sales, including online advertising, yard signs, fliers, and advertisements in local newspapers. It recommends that readers mention any rare or valuable items by name to attract shoppers looking for good deals. Readers are reminded that different methods may work better for different people, and that doing most of the advertising the week before the garage sale will ensure that the greatest number of people come. | Read More →

Words: 633   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Daniel Brooks

What is the Electoral College?

The electoral college system can be confusing to the average voter. In an effort to help people understand exactly what goes on during a presidential election, this article describes what the Electoral College is and how it works. The article first explains what electors do, and how they are assigned to different candidates. The article then goes over how the number of electors each state has is determined, and the article also discusses the history of electors voting contrary to their pledge. Finally, the article makes note of times when candidates have won the electoral vote, and thus the election, without winning the popular vote and the controversy surrounding those situations. The article ends by re-emphasizing that the reader's new knowledge will help them better understand what's happening during presidential elections. | Read More →

Words: 523   Downloads: 3   Category: Politics   By: Daniel Brooks

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