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About me - I write on all sorts of subjects, always aiming to help readers lead fuller, happier lives. I'm also a published poet for children. I'm a wife and mom, and live in the peaceful British countryside, enjoying healthy living, classical music and nature. I'm an English graduate from Exeter University (UK).

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Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

Scam messages can turn up in anyone's inbox at any time, potentially tricking them into providing access to their savings or payment cards. Even if the recipient steers clear of the trap, they may suffer considerable anxiety and distress, besides the inconvenience of having to check the validity of the message. But this article offers a range of helpful tips for assessing the authenticity of suspicious messages, such as checking whether the sender addresses them by name, and whether their logo exactly matches that of the company they claim to represent. | Read More →

Words: 593   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Liza Williams

4 Professional Reasons to Hold Your Business Meetings Virtually

This article is for entrepreneurs and other professionals who may be hesitating to hold their meetings online. Some people view virtual meetings as second-rate substitutes for actual, physical meetings, while others feel guilty about taking the convenient option. But this piece gives doubters the go-ahead, demonstrating that virtual meetings can be professionally advantageous to all parties.  It highlights four significant bonuses of video call meetings, including the avoidance of travel costs and the productive benefits of comfort and convenience. | Read More →

Words: 573   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Liza Williams

What Gift for a Geek? 4 Suggestions

Choosing a gift for a geek may seem like a daunting task, until you try thinking like a geek yourself. Then all sorts of fun options spring up, as this article demonstrates. It sets the ball rolling for shoppers with four recommended gift types to look into. These include puzzles and conundrums, logic-based games, and mechanical kits, as well as intricate storage containers. | Read More →

Words: 424   Downloads: 0   Category: Gifts   By: Liza Williams

4 Gift Alternatives for a Senior Who Has Everything

This article offers thoughtful gift alternatives for an older person, who may have all the material comforts they want, but need certain things that can't be wrapped, such as company, family contact, or a change of scene. These imaginative solutions include extended visits, day trips, and Internet facilities for keeping in touch. For a gift to unwrap, a filled photograph album is also recommended.  | Read More →

Words: 532   Downloads: 0   Category: Aging   By: Liza Williams

5 Types of Book to Get Your Reluctant Child Reading

This article offers help for parents who are struggling to get their child reading. It suggests resolving the problem by introducing the child to fun, easy-read alternatives to standard storybooks, to break down the barriers to reading. The five recommended book types include joke books, cartoons, amazing facts and funny rhymes, with word puzzle challenges to complete the list. Tips for enticing the child to try them are provided at the end. | Read More →

Words: 626   Downloads: 0   Category: Parenting   By: Liza Williams

5 Creative Gift Types for a Child

This article is for shoppers choosing a play item for a child. It points out that, while every child loves to receive something new to play with, they'll appreciate and return to some types of play item more than others over time, depending on the creative scope they offer. It recommends five types of creative pay item to consider, with examples of each. | Read More →

Words: 619   Downloads: 0   Category: Gifts   By: Liza Williams

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