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About me - I write on all sorts of subjects, always aiming to help readers lead fuller, happier lives. I'm also a published poet for children. I'm a wife and mom, and live in the peaceful British countryside, enjoying healthy living, classical music and nature. I'm an English graduate from Exeter University (UK).

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How to Help Friends While Staying Safe Yourself

This article provides guidance as to how to help friends with problems, while taking account of your own needs, too. It points out the importance of drawing a line and standing back at a safe point, rather than taking rash steps on a friend's behalf, such as parting with money or neglecting other commitments. The piece recommends striking a balance by helping the person indirectly, such as by offering a listening ear or referring the matter to a relevant professional. | Read More →

Words: 491   Downloads: 0   Category: Self Improvement   By: Liza Williams

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

This article recommends taking vitamin D tablets in the winter months, and when access to sunshine is limited. It explains the important role of this vitamin in protecting the body from disease, and gives details of the approximate price and availability of the tablet. It also points out that small, supplementary quantities of vitamin D can be accessed from certain foods, and lists some examples. | Read More →

Words: 460   Downloads: 0   Category: Drugs & Remedies   By: Liza Williams

Celebrating Alone? Give Yourself a Great Day

This upbeat article offers tips for solo celebrations of special days, such as Christmas or a birthday. It highlights the plus-points of celebrating alone, such as freedom, peace and simplicity, and provides a range of recommendations for passing the day enjoyably, such as preparing a special meal, enhancing the ambience of a chosen room, and pursuing favorite pastimes. Making contact with other people is also encouraged, with suggestions for doing so. | Read More →

Words: 541   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Liza Williams

5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Many people wish to reduce their carbon footprint to help protect the planet, but are unsure how to do so. This article therefore offers five suggestions, such as tree-planting, buying environmentally friendly products, and reducing car and airplane trips, as well as using a "Green" energy supply in their home. Details are given for each suggestion. | Read More →

Words: 582   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Liza Williams

Spend or Save? the Importance of Thinking Before You Buy

This article offers shoppers handy tips on money management. It recommends pausing before buying any product, to review the decision with cost and budget limits in mind. The piece advises prospective buyers to consider carefully how much they really need or want their selected item, pointing out that products often lose their appeal when the novelty wears off, and that saving the money could prove more worthwhile. | Read More →

Words: 536   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Liza Williams

5 Ways to Magic Up Extra Pocket Money

When your spending budget is limited, any extra cash is a bonus, however small the sum. This article outlines five ways to generate weekly pocket money to stretch funds further. Suggestions range from putting coins aside each week or skipping a customary shopping item, to selling unwanted possessions and dropping a coin in a box for every occurrence of a bad habit. Gathering up loose change is also recommended. | Read More →

Words: 602   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Liza Williams

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