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About me - I write on all sorts of subjects, always aiming to help readers lead fuller, happier lives. I'm also a published poet for children. I'm a wife and mom, and live in the peaceful British countryside, enjoying healthy living, classical music and nature. I'm an English graduate from Exeter University (UK).

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5 Don'ts for Grandparents of Newborns

This article is for grandparents of newborns, especially first-timers. It cautions against offering the parents advice or comments that could be construed as interfering or critical. Five key areas of parenting are highlighted, including naming, feeding, sleeping arrangements and babywear, with tips on when and how to employ tact, but the piece ends with a positive tip: to celebrate the new arrival together.

Words: 904   Downloads: 0   Category: Family   By: Liza Williams

Choosing Coffee Mugs for Your Kitchen

Coffee mugs come in all sorts of styles and colors, so choosing a set for your kitchen can be good fun. But choice also makes for tricky decisions, so this article offers handy pointers for consideration, such as the background setting, the desired ambience, and the practicalities of different designs. The piece rounds off with suggestions for storage and presentation.

Words: 559   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: Liza Williams

Shut Out Dark Thoughts with Short-Term Plans

This article offers a simple way to keep out dark thoughts on a quiet day. It involves dividing up the time with pre-planned activities, thereby generating a sense of purpose and achievement, and minimizing opportunities for gloomy thoughts to slip in. Activity suggestions are provided, followed by tips for making more of them and redoubling their positive effects.

Words: 606   Downloads: 0   Category: Mental   By: Liza Williams

Why Accepting a Vaccine Jab Is a Noble Act

This article addresses the commonly witnessed reluctance to accept recommended vaccinations. It highlights the fact that acceptance supports the health and safety of others, and outlines several aspects of this, such as protecting loved ones, supporting the vulnerable and, ultimately, helping the wider world. In view of these significant and far-reaching benefits, it commends vaccine take-up as a fine and honorable step, urging sceptics to consider this aspect whenever one is offered.

Words: 641   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Liza Williams

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Gym

Many public parks around the world are now providing fitness apparatus for adults, alongside their children's play areas. This article recommends making the most of any outdoor gym facilities that may be accessible from home, and lists some of their many benefits. These include factors such as fun, social mixing, cost-free use and time-free availability, as well as a wholesome, outdoor setting. Home-made backyard exercise provision is recommended as an alternative.

Words: 690   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Liza Williams

6 Ways to Work Out on a Gym Mat

It's not essential to visit the gym in order to keep fit. This article points out that you can exercise effectively in your own home with the aid of a simple gym mat or equivalent. The piece recommends and outlines six vigorous workout activities that can be practiced this way, ranging from sit-ups and press-ups to upside down peddling and pretend swimming.

Words: 660   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Liza Williams

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